• If you are on a suspended license and commit a traffic violation while on suspended, then they will take your license away. Some get it taken away for 30 days, others for a year. It depends. You won't be able to fight it in court, either. Photo tickets are impossible to challenge.
  • If you qualify, a four hour defensive driving class would probably be in order. after completion of the class, your citation will be dismissed. your drivers license, nor your auto insurance, will be effected. going to to a defensive driving class will cost approx. 25-50 dollars. but, its the cheapest way out, in the long run. i have a reverse question. in a photo citation, how can the driver be identified, if the photo only shows the license plate and vehicle involved? meaning, if you loaned your auto to someone else, how can the actual driver be identified? Driving on a suspended drivers license, i again ask, how can you be identified as the driver, at the time of the offense?
  • Never plead guilty. If you're not going to fight it, plead No Contest.

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