• Hate is a very strong word. I've been divorced twice and there was never a mention of hate. Let him go and good riddance!
  • Leave. You can't make someone feel something they don't.
  • A relationship means two working together to bond..if he wants to be set free, let him. You can't force someone to stay regardless of how you feel. Put yourself in his shoes. If you hated him would you want to stay just because he can't let go? Obviously there is a problem in the relationship and things usually get worse and not better.
  • Honey, you will be far happier if you move on. The pain only lasts for a while, and then you get to fall in brand new "goosebumps and butterflies" love all over again with someone who may be even more special than this boyfriend. I am certain you deserve better than to have to chase this fella down and get him to submit to your love. It will never really be real until it is free. So stand tall and proud, and learn to love yourself while you await that young stud with perfect grammar and love in his eyes.
  • theres more than one guy in the world. i agree with nitro, theres someone way better than that. someone who says i love you, not i hate you
  • get over him
  • Let him go.
  • Do you really want to be with someone that says they hate you? What do you love about him? You deserve to be with someone that feels the same way about you that you do them.
  • Don't stay with him, let him go.. Have some pride in yourself. You say you love him and that's unfortunate, but you will eventually get over him. There are LOTS of deserving guys, get one of them and go on with your life.
  • If he's serious, you have to let him go. Your future together is likely to be short and cruel, or long, drawn-out and painful for both of you. One question though - if he wants to leave you, why hasn't he? I'd establish what his real feelings are, and if this outburst is genuine or an angry response to something. If it isn't genuinely how he feels, then there may be a point to trying to salvage your relationship. Otherwise, it's over in all but name and the sooner you part the better for both of you.
  • i know how you feel i am in the same situation my boyfriend means everything to me but he just don t love me anymore. I think you should talk it over with him and if he still says he don t want to be with you then its time to move on . Thats what im going to do
  • i know you're in love with him but if he wants to leave there isn't anything you can do. Besides, you don't want to be with a guy who says he hates you. That's awful!!
  • Sounds like a tantrum to me. If you have the time and patience, talk with him about it, find out what his issue is and take it from there. Maybe he'll get over his little drama and things will be fine. If he's determined to leave then help him pack and be sure to smile while you do it, coz you'll surely be better off without him. Lets face it - you truly do not need a guy who is so immature as to be whinging that he hates you as opposed to working on the issues causing the negative feelings. (((hugs)))
  • Let him go. Its only going to make you miserable, and you can be miserable by yourself. Move on to someone who wants you, and loves you, thats what you deserve.
  • That is really mean of him to say that!! You deserve better Hon! The next time he says he hates you and he wants to him out!! You HATE me? You want to LEAVE? Then there's the door! Let HIM know that those words, those actions, are completely UNACCEPTABLE and you aren't going to chase after someone who doesn't love you back!! Hold your head up high, and point to the door! I'm sure he will feel like a real A** walking out of it.
  • Why in the world would you want to stay with a verbally abusive jerk? And since he hasn't packed up and left that's just what he is. You're not in love with him. You're still in love with what you had and are afraid to be alone. Trust me, you're better off alone.
  • Your boy friend is acting like a coward. I am also experiencing the same problem, as even I have been said those words, those hurting words.."I hate you!". Just let him go. He doesn't deserve you. Don t let him rule your mind and throw away all of your feelings about him in trash. The more you will be contacting him, the more he will be feeling important and the more he will be humiliating you. Keep your head high and don't let your pride injure more. You just need to wait. I am a doctor and believe me its a natural response that you are showing or feeling. You will soon be getting over all of it. It can take few weeks to few months to fully recover from this heart-break. But in the end, you will be a winner. Just don't waste your time for such an irresponsible person, who is telling you at the verge of hatred about leaving him or staying away from him. He is a true coward and you will soon be realizing that. Just wait for the time to roll on your side. Everyone has to face the consequences of bad things. He will be facing them too and at that time, he would be carrying no meaning to you and you will be thanking God for letting you free from his low self-esteemed personality. Just believe in yourself and search internet for similar situations. You will be finding hundreds and thousands of girls like you. Who am I? I have been dumped as well as publically humiliated by my 7 year best friend and boy friend whom I had worshiped in the past. God bless you sweetheart. Do not loose heart.Peace for you.
  • If you haven't left him yet, you should probably leave him if he has not changed at all.
  • You should take a hint. It doesn't matter if YOU don't want to let him go. In order for a relationship to be functional, it has to be agreed upon by two or more parties. He obviously wishes to end it, and regardless of what YOU want, you have to leave.
  • i'm in the same situation,but he never mentioned the word "hate",we passed many problems together,but suddenly with no alert he said to me that we can't continue being together, from this moment life became misrable for me ,but we still together,i don;t understand what's going on?and i'm so afraid as he's everything to me by the meaning of the word EVERYTHING,i have no friend,i just go out with him once per month or something ,i lost my mom as she's dead...he's all i have and he knew this well.but.........i'll use all da weapons i have to keep him with me coz deep in me i know we are for each other...for all gurls just don't leave and keep on trying to return the one u'll lose in anyway....
  • My boyfriend called me a bitch today, and told me he fucking hates me. He said that he doesn't know how the hell he has put up with me for almost 3 years. I also don't know what to do... I don't want him to go, but I think it might be best if he did... maybe you should too.

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