• Yes. Here's your first clue: "took advantage". If he didn't have her full, informed consent, that is sex without her consent. That is rape. I thought this was pretty simple and addressed on your spousal rape question: If you don't have the person's consent, and you have sex with him/her, that is rape. Now, if you'd said a man had sex, or made love, etc to a girl and she happened to have taken drugs, that might be different. You used "take advantage".
  • Absolutely !! If she was not in a reasonable state of mind and consenting to the act, then she was raped. +5
  • Well if the guy didnt know abut it then i dont think so.He could of been wasted and not realize she wasnt all there.It could go either way but im sure he would still be accused of rape cause hes a man.
  • Yes! If she didn't consent to anything then it is rape. It doesn't matter if he didn't drug her himself.
  • Yeah. Unless when he found her she was totally high but he didn't realize she was high and thought they were both just having a good time sexing. But the way you say "took advantage of the situation" I'm going to say that was definitely rape.
  • Of cource she was not raped.. If he was sober himselfand if he could see her condition and still took advantage of her it is still not rape.. he would just be fucked up bastard, but if she didn't fight him or told him to stop then it is not rape. The only exception of this is if the girl was so drugged that she was unconsious..
  • Sounds like rape to me.
  • Yes. Absolutely. He raped her. For men who are confused: consentual sex requires, well, consent. If you want to have sex with a girl, and you don't have consent, and you do it anyway, YOU ARE RAPING HER. Just because she isn't punching you in the face or screaming, it doesn't mean she consents and it doesn't mean you're not raping her. Just because she hasn't said no, it doesn't mean she's said yes, it doesn't mean you have her consent and it doesn't mean you're not raping her. If she is too drunk or drugged up to actively participate in sex and just lies there, and you have sex with her, YOU ARE RAPING HER. It does not matter that she doesn't fight you off. She is too impaired to give consent. I don't understand why this is so hard. Sex is something you do together, it's not something you get out of someone else. What kind of crappy sex are people having if they think ****ing a drunk person who doesn't know what's going on is the same thing. Haven't you ever had sex with someone who was really into having sex with you, and enthusiastic about what you're doing, so you can see the difference? Why on earth would you want to have sex with someone who's not into having sex with you? Why would you want to have sex with a drunk or unconscious woman? It happens all the time! And then people claim they didn't know it was rape? Good god, we need sexual education in this culture. Here's a handy guide: if you're ****ing someone, and they're not ****ing you back, STOP. Ask if they're ok and if they want to continue. This is NOT HARD TO DO. If you can't do it, get a blow-up doll, then you don't have to worry about consent. EDITED TO ADD: What do you mean by "was drugged" and "the guy din't drug her"? Do you mean that the girl didn't take drugs voluntarily? What kind of drugs are we talking here? If the situation is that some guys slipped drugs to this girl in order to rape her, and your guy just kind of "jumped in".. they should all be in jail. WTF. If I saw this happen a sharp knife and a chopping block would be my solution.
  • The answer is yes... Let me put it into perspective for you. A mugger strips you and handcuffs you to a tree. Payton comes along with his new boobies that we are going to buy him. You tell Payton all about the stripping and the mugging and how you came to be chained to the tree. Payton nibbles on your ear, pats you on the butt and says "today is not your lucky day, is it buttercup?" The guy who chained you to the tree is the same as the guy who gave the drugs. He has nothing to do with somebody not having the discipline to keep their hands to themselves and taking advantage of another person. Sorry Payton... Couldn't help but to villanize you in this example. To everyone else.. I was kidding about Payton..
  • Pretty much. She didn't say yes, she didn't want it, he "took advantage" (those words right there tell you it wasn't right) of this young lady's situation rather than getting her the needed help....yes. It was rape, it was wrong, and it should be reported. The fact that she was drugged and he did nothing to help her says so much about his character.
  • Perhaps. Implied consent is a weak defense for Rape. The girl may have encouraged sex and the man may not be aware of her condition. It all depends upon the motive of the man in the situation. The law can be complicated at times.
  • Rape is sex without consent. Even if a woman is the worst slut in the world, if she didn't give her consent, the sexual act is considered rape.
  • If he knew that she had been drugged it is wrong whether or not he did the drugging. You can't just cruise around town looking for drugged or intoxicated people and have sex with them because they are not 100% and say it is okay to do so because you didn't get them intoxicated. If he had no idea that she was incapacitated then that is another story.
  • Having sex with someone who is in an altered state is just wrong. Doesn't matter who drugged her, no one has any right to have sex with the physically incapacitated.
  • Yes she was indeed a victim of rape and if anthing this guy should of been a Man and helped her out in the situation not take advantage of it so whether he gave the drug or not he is as guilty if not more guilty. It makes me sick when guys do this to women I mean are you that desperate you have to drug women??
  • The answer is: if he had sex with her without her consent and hopefully she's over 18, then it's rape. If she was drugged, pretending to be sleeping, sleeping, passed out, drunk, whatever, if she didn't consent to the sexual act, it's rape pure and simple. Might as well label it "passive rape" but it's still rape.
  • It's rape if she doesn't consent.
  • yes its rape to have sex with anyone who is not of sound mind (sober and mature enough to make such decisions) at the time they agree to it
  • f**k yeah !!! he's a bigger scum than the prick who drugged her ...I know what I would do to him if I got my hands on him f**king low life !
  • I think most people here seem to be a bit gender-biased...if a guy was completely drunk and a girl is having sex with him, was he raped? No, he "got lucky". Still, it's the same case. It's very often hard to tell if someone is under the influence of drugs, and how far this influence goes. If the guy did not drug her, and she is clearly communicating that she wants to have sex, i do not see a big problem with this. If she is not consenting of course it's pretty clear that it is rape - drugged or not.
  • Non-consensual sex is rape.
  • If a girl were sleeping and a guy raped her, wouldn't it still be considered rape if he hadn't put her to bed?
  • What do you think?
  • i think it is

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