• Jim Acosta did not assault anyone. say not true. That film that claims to show he accosted that woman was manipulated.
    • Archie Bunker
      The video was only sped up, which apparently happens when it's uploaded to Twitter (so I've heard, I'm not on Twitter). But you can clearly see him try and push her hand away. That part aside, since when does Acosta have a constitutional right to have access to the White House? Freedom of the press does not give you unlimited access.
    • mugwort
      On there are two videos of Jim Acosta and the woman from the pres. press conference. Its clear to me the 2nd video is manipulated. Its from How reliable do you think is. IMO its full of wacky conspiracy theories.My source is the Washing Post. Final note I;m certain I won't convince you and you certainly won't convince me that Acosta assaulted that woman so lets just say goodbye on this issue.
    • Archie Bunker
      I didn't say he assaulted her, but he definitely pushed her hand away. He got his two questions, he just didn't want to give the mike up to anyone else.
  • There is nothing in the constitution that states the White House has to have reporters there nor does it give them access. Those passes are given out at will and may be revoked at will. If acosta didn't want his pass taken, he should stop acting as he does.
    • Archie Bunker
      Agreed. The only time the President is required to report on anything is at the State of the Union. He's not legally obligated to give any press briefings. But Acosta's behavior is out of control. He's not a reporter. He's seems to repeatedly try and make the story about him, like in this case. He refuses to follow decorum and precedent and tries to monopolize the time. Everyone else gets one, maybe two questions. He's always grand-standing, like he did in this case and tried to ask four questions. Apparently CNN thinks that the other news outlets shouldn't get any time. Maybe that's because CNN's rating continue to fall.
    • Wakko
      A judge ruled Acosta's White House credentials be reinstated. He'll never get called on to ask another question.
    • Archie Bunker
      I think that's crap. I cannot agree with the judge nor can I understand his legal reasoning. Apparently we have a RIGHT to go to the White House briefings. (Guess what I'm gonna do!!!) And the injunction is only temporary. Either way, I think you're right. He won't get called on....not that that's ever stopped him from interrupting anyone to ask 50 questions.

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