• I believe that the food in Mexico is very safe. I have eaten in Mexico countless times and have never gotten ill. Just use common sense when eating in Mexico and avoid eating in dirty places.
  • The mexican food from hotels and resturants was fine, except me and my boyfriend both got Big Macs from Mcdonals (my boyfriend got a double big mac) and we both ended up on a toilet all night long, my boyfriend got double the toilet time though (probably from haveing doube the Mac).
  • Any products and produce imported to the US are generally ok (make sure to wash produce!). If travelling do not drink juices or ice cream or anything like that that is not PRE-PACKAGED. Otherwise it may have been made using unregulated water or milk that we americans cant handle. Sorry, no hommeade horchata or strawberry-milk paletas from street vendors. =(
  • I live in Mexico, small town outside Puerto Vallarta. I have vacationed here for 15 years - from a 2 week to a 6 week stay; then 6 months and now I live full time here. I too have had some problems with food. It just seems to be the luck of the draw. I have gotten sick from eating ice cream from a reliable source in Tequila; eating a shrimp meal from a better restaurant in Guadalajara. So, if you use common sense, like washing your food well with a veggie wash, and do not eat off the street carts, watch people who handle food and money at the same time, and try to pick eateries recommended by some one who has eaten there with no problems, you should be fine. As to water, do not ask for ice in a restaurant unless you know it is purified; drink bottled water, mineral water, or sodas. Watch the alcohol consumption, and remember, no ice. Just an aside, my husband has never been sick here, and usuually we eat the same things, in the same places!
  • I have lived in Baja Norte for over 5 years. I buy most of my food here and not had any problems. What I don't buy here, I buy at Trader Joes when visiting the U.S. Just like in the U.S., I wash veggies and fruits (who knows who has been handling it and when they last washed their hands!?)I use bottled water, just as I did in the U.S. Although I do not like the way the meat is cut, I am told no hormones are used. Street vendors are probably not a good choice if you have a delicate stomach, but the grocery store and restaurant food is fine 99.9% of the time. Certainly no worse than the U.S. Have you seen some of the restaurant horror stories there?
  • Good question, I've wondered about the beer. I mean, if the water is no good, but the water goes into making the beer.....
  • it is pretty safe...

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