• Hi You can try eating cod fish everyday You may steam it with some ginger and plum/lime sauces It taste delicious and healthy My brother's wife has the same beastfeeding issue and after eating the fish the breast start to produce more milk than before. If the breast start to enlarge and full with milk you may pump it out and keep it in the fridge and warm it up for your baby. Listen to your own body there are times when you dont feel like eating the fish so simply allow yourself to rest Take care and many blessings Chasna
  • Try drinking more milk and water. Also if you're pumping without the baby around try taking a picture with you and looking at it. It sounds weird, but for some mothers it helps. Another thing is to place a hot towel on your breasts first to make them let down. You also might want to make an appointment with a lactation nurse to see if your putting the pump on right. That is a big issue because they're not as use to use at it looks.
  • try drinking a herbal tea its called Mother's milk. it worked 4 me
  • I took fenugreek when I was nursing my 4th daughter. I was older and not producing as much when I had my other 3 daughters. It worked but I gained a little more weight than usual. Fenugreek makes your sweat smell like maple syrup, so I always got cravings for pancakes.
  • I took Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle for a while. I also drank cornmeal gruel a few times. I lost the recipe. Probably on purpose. It tasted HORRIBLE, but my milk production increased dramatically.
  • I could never pump sucessfully, the expirience was too odd and stressfull so I always tenced up too much which effects milk flow dramatially. I just breatfeed now. Although I can get more if I pump by hand strangely than with a breast pump, it just takes longer.
  • Ask your ob-gyn.

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