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  • Direct sunlight will do it fairly quickly if it's not too wet. Basically you have ruined it. But there is still a possibility that you can save it for your own use. The main thing you don't want is mold to start growing before you get it dry. If it is inside a baggy you can use a hair dryer on low. That will be faster than sunlight. A microwave can be used also but caution should be taken .
  • Wet Speed is also a term used to describe crystal meth where the shards have a slight "dew" or the appearance that they are sweating. It is a result of the chemical reactions and processes of manufacturing the drug. When all goes according to plan the last step of the process heats the chemical until it crystalizes into solid pieces which will turn into a fine white powder when crushed. Sometimes things don't go perfectly and you end up with crystals that seem moist. When you try to crush them the result will be clumps of crushed crystal that stick together and almost look like a paste. This is usually most noticeable immediately after cooking and will sometimes improve a little If left in an uncovered or open container at room temperature. It may help to crush the larger pieces up before allowing to dry out and you should put it back in dry sealed container when it's dry. If the condition hasn't improved after a couple of hours uncovered then chances are they aren't going to. Things to avoid are microwaving or otherwise heating the substance. Meth starts to liquify when heated and you will probably just end up evaporating the drug into the air. If you were actually talking about speed that you got wet then you have already done the damage because meth is water soluble at room temperature. If you were to ingest the solution right away or somehow put it into a small, airtight jar to ingest in the next 24 hours or so then it will still have most of the same effects on you. As the other person said, you don't want to let the solution sit around until mold or bacteria start growing in it. If allowed to air dry the water would eventually evaporate and you would be left with a kind of crust on whatever the container was which could be scraped off and still be used. Im not sure about how the purity would be affected but I can tell you that the amount you salvage would be only a small portion (1/10th or so) of what you started with.
  • Depends on how "wet" the product is. Lately I have noticed that "wet"product is being passed off. Either because it isn't fully processed or because there are other chemicals (aside from water) being left behind. IF you know that this is from water (condensation from out the atmosphere or "oops I spilled water on it) Then you should be able to allow it to air dry safely with minimal loss of potency. Usually just "damp". If it wet to the point where it is liquefying on you, then you can "cook" it on a spoon over a candle, Holding the spoon way up not to where the bottom of the spoon darkens from soot. That is a process in and of itself stirring with a tooth pick will speed up the drying. I say candle because it is a small controlled flame. Lighters explode and range tops put out too much heat and meth can ignite on fire/"explode" (Fast burn) if its heated too much and/or not "washed" fully. I do not know about the reaction of light on meth. Sunlight is pretty powerful and does degrade other medications quickly. and yeah stuff like mold can grow on it - a very Baaaad combination if you know what I mean.
  • The best way to dry your speed out is to take it out of the bag and put it on to a glass chopping board. Leave it for 20minutes then start chopping it up with a blade. Hope this helps you It could take a while but it works perfect.

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