• Invent the worlds' best printer, or start a big lottery.
  • To say "Thank You a billion times for all the blessings we have been given by life. Second answer is to be a brilliant entrepreneur that puts everything into the new technologies like Elon Musk, giving back to the world efficient, clean mobility.
  • Start a religion, like Hubbard did.
  • A billion what?
  • Can you explain billion what?
  • Start collecting more millions!
  • I wonder what happened to my answer. I said for you to marry into the Rothschild family. I wonder if someone didn't like my comment.
    • Ice man
      Good question. Yours' was the first, but it somehow got removed. I didn't think it was offensive, but rather clever. We seem to have some new people who think it's cool to play with the flags, for no particular reason other they can. Or they're too thin skinned. We've recently lost a good member or two because of some folks who can't let go of a grudge.
    • Linda Joy
      Ultimately its up to staff to delete or not delete so don't blame new users! Everyone should feel free to flag whatever they don't like. The responsibility for this site lies solely in the hands of the staff! But I like that answer too!
  • have no idea, if i knew i wouldve been making it
  • Steal it without getting caught. If you don't declare the proceeds as income, you might be charged with tax evasion, so be sure to do that. Tax returns are confidential, so you can't be prosecuted for your filing.
  • Get ten people to donate a billion each to fund you. By the time you get done with legal fees you should have a billion for you.
  • Make a million first and then work yourself up before you think of a billion.
  • You can INVEST $10 and make $10,000 dollars today and here is how follow these steps and you will be apart of the 1% of people who succeed click this link : ( BUY THE BOOK take action today

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