• This will have to be confirmed, but I think Pat Riley accomplished that feat. I know he won an NCAA championship with Kentucky, and has multiple rings as a coach. Just not positive whether he got one as a player.
  • Sorry, Pat Riley is not correct. He did win as a player with the Lakers in 1972, and multiple times as Lakers head coach in the '80s, but he did not win an ncaa championship - his 1966 Kentucky team lost in the finals to UTEP (this game being the subject of the 2006 film, "Glory Road") Two correct answers that I know of are Bill Russell and K.C. Jones, both of whom won ncaa titles as teammates on the University of San Francisco in 1955 and 1956, and later many NBA rings as teammates on the Celtics dynasty of the '50s and '60s (Russell 11, Jones 8). Russell won his last two titles as Celtics player/head coach in '68 and '69, and K.C. Jones as head coach of the Larry Bird-led Celtics of the '80s (which of course had the great rivalry with Riley's Lakers). Follow-up question: who won an NBA title as a player, and, later, and NCAA title as head coach? I think John Thompson is the only one to acheive this (Celtics and Georgetown).

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