• No never I do not enjoy camping.
  • Never had the pleasure...
  • The Okatoma Creek just north of Hattisburg is one of my favorite creeks to canoe and camp on. The water is fast enough that you don't have to work very hard, but not so fast that you can't talk with your neighbors in their canoes. Beautiful scenery. Hanging vines that you can play Tarzan and Jane on. I also stayed on Horse Ranch in Del Rio, TN that does an overnight horsepacking trip and whitewater rafting combo on the French Broad River. This was the best trip ever. Tunica Hills in Louisiana is really beautiful, but only for day hiking. I think it has about 50 waterfalls.
  • Yes went to a remote beach of all places, it was cold, horrible, wet, my friend set fire to the quilt, then the tent went up in flames, overall a real crap night and never again :)
  • Many times. I've been hiking and camping for over 40 years. We've stayed out backpacking as long as 2 weeks at a time. We've gone all over the Sierras in CA, the Canadian Rockies, Yukon, Alaska, Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire......mountains, beaches, forests, deserts, anywhere is a great place to hike. Can begin to name all the places we've camped, just all over the USA and Canada.
  • Quite a bit. Some good times. Some bad times. Isle Royale. The Smokies. The Canadian Rockies. Pennsylvania. Massachusetts. Vermont.
  • Lopez Island, Washing State. Unbelievable!!!
  • We camp all summer long.Sometimes not far from home(new brunswick,Canada)but right on the ocean side.We beach it all summer long.
  • I think there is a trail. I'm not sure though as most of my time was spent on the islands in Puget Sound.
  • About 11 years ago already. Wow, time does fly by. Me, my brother and our friend Joe went to Gatlinburg Tennessee and we went to a campground and pitched a tent. That old man was snoring so loud that I decided to spend the rest of the night in the car, which was right near the tent. It was a blast hiking the Smokies and getting a new view on America. It was so fun that I would love to go there again any time now.
  • I love to camp. We go to several places: Cave Run Lake in Morehead, Kentucky, Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, and also Dale Hollow Lake, which is in Kenucky and Tennessee, but we like a campground in Tennessee. :) All places have a gorgeous lake for boating and swimming, as well as great hiking trails and even caves to explore.
  • Canoe trips with a bunch of people to upper Michigan.Good times...goodtimes.
  • No sorry!No St.Lawrence River.Have you ever been to Georgian Bay area?I camped there alot when I was younger.Great area.
  • I live in east TN and the sites here are numerous. I like Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains. I also Like to camp and hike Frozen Head in Wartburg TN. We have a lot of TVA lakes with campgrounds. It is the best place on earth to camp. mild weather year around.
  • I camp quite a bit. My favorite campground is Pancake bay provincial park on lake superior. I've also camped at Kilarny, and Lake Superior Provincial park. I've also gone out camping on crown land in the searchmont area and other areas North of Sault Ste Marie.
  • many places... yuba, truckee, tahoe, delta, pyramid, lahontan, rollins, and many more
  • Turner Falls in Oklahoma, or Guadalupe river(texas) or in Bend Texas we go all the time going this weekend!!!
  • Yes, I go camping about every other weekend, we go all over Missouri and Illinois.
  • I have done a lot of camping but nowhere special. Just around Kentucky and Tennessee. I would have liked to do some camping in other places but never found the time.
  • I have and I do. I love camping! Done it so much in my life, starting with my dad when I was very young. I love the Mountains. The crisp night air and the early morning chill that calls for a hot cup of coffee. I don't look my best in the mornings but what the hell I am camping right???? Fun question!!
  • I've been on many motorcycle tent camping trips with friends. I've camped with motorcycle buddies in Bullhead City, AZ; Jasper National Park, British Columbia, Canada; Sequoia National Park, CA.; Glacier National Park, MT,; Yosemite National Park, Ca.; Monterey, Ca. and many more.
  • No I don't like hiking and camping

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