• Wow, that's awful! I really doubt that it laid any eggs in your nose. Try gargling with warm salt water and use saline nasal spray. That should clean out your nasal passages, mouth, and throat. If you are still having problems you should go see your doctor. If needed he/she will refer you to an ENT.
  • Oh my God. Personally I would call 911.
  • Ordinary flies eggs don't develop in living things...Gargle and maybe get some type nasal spray.....I had bugs/bees/flies/moths fly into my mouth and nose all the time on my motorcycle without any harm done, think of it as Be thankful you weren't like this 9 year old kid that had spiders living in his ear...
  • I just had a fly go up my nose earlier today!! And I have like a lot of excess spit and have that broccolli taste too!! it's so nasty! I'm going to gargle salt water and use the nasal spray hopefully that will help
  • i doubt it

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