• These men represent known aspects of your subconscious self. They are patterns in your thought process that are diplayed in front of your eyes in your dream. What does each represnt in the dream? Both are a marrying kind of person to you. Maybe there is a trait you identify with that each exhibit and that trait greatly influences your choice of potential mate. Each would share this with you. Women are more in tune with subtle similarities within character than men. Men are good at predicting what will happen years from now whereas women can predict what will happen a day from now. What I am trying to say is women are usually more caught up in the moment than men. But, because of this you handle the moment to moment situations better than men. Marriage is tricky because it can be seen as a fantasy or it can be seen as an attempt to control or join the two distinct sides of your mind the conscious and subconscious self. Do you ever nit pick details or worry if people can read your initial response to stimulus? Do you try to mask your thoughts by holding them in then, digest what was occuring inside-feeling somewhat distgusted by the thoughts you have no control over? Or, did you ever, then try to address it? Dreams are a show that is presented by our brains to entertain us while we sleep. There is a limitless expanse of interpritation that can be used to diagnose the meaning of all this stuff but, the only certainty is your brain thought of it and showed you and you remembered what was significant to you. What do you share with these men that you feel comfortable enough to say you have "that" in common and think of how it relates to the dream action if you cannot distinguish the trait then explore the action for answers.
  • Nothing, it was random electrical impulses that your brain, being the analytical tool it is tried tried to make sense of.

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