• I agree! Can I be the wicked witch?
  • Oh I would love to see that! I doubt it will happen though.
  • NEVER! I should not be remade... it was done perfectly and any attempt to remake would never stand up to the original... How about more original work - to become classics on there own - like "Big Fish" or "Nightmare Before Christmas"...
  • I swear this world is headed straight down the crapper... Does not ONE director have an ORIGINAL idea left? THe charm of films like "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Wizard of OZ" is that they are TIMELESS classics. They do not need to be remade as they cannot be improved upon. Enough with remakes and war movies already. How about a nice ORIGINAL comedy or romance?
  • As much as I love the original, and agree it is a classic, it is not particularly true to the book. I would love to see Tim Burton tackle this project. It would likely be much darker, and much more like the original story. Especially since the Judy Garland movie ends at about the halfway point of the original novel. The original is great, but that doesn't mean that nothing else could ever be great too. Tim Burton would be the perfect choice to honestly bring the book to the screen.
  • I hope not. Tim Burton already ruined "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". His version was terrible. You couldn't even understand what the Oompa Loompas were singing. Tim Burton can do all of the originals that he wants, but leave these classics alone and go sit down someplace before you attack anymore of my favorite childhood memories.
  • The Tin Man mini series by Burton surprised me. I though he was going to ruin the Wizard Of Oz. He made a really neat take on the story. It wasn't a remake at all but from a different view with a re-interpretation of the characters. It was not meant to replace the original. Not really that bad.
  • hm i honestly hate the original with a firey passion - those monkeys scared me so much, reminded me of a chamuco or cucuy [boogey monster kinda thing]...but because i love tim burton and his art in films...i think i'd see it
  • Oh no! Don't even suggest that! Then Johnny Depp would be obligated to be in it and that would not be a good idea. Remakes need only be made of movies that sucked the first or second or third time around. Classics like The Wizard of Oz should never be remade. I hate even the thought of one day saying something about the Wizard of Oz and having to explain that I'm talking about the first one, not the second.
  • Yes, please! Or Alice In Wonderland!

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