• Hmm, I'm not sure. I had a friend that got a tattoo and could not donate blood for a while so I'm not sure if its safe to get one before surgury. My advice is to wait. Then again I could be wrong so whatever... What kind of tattoo are you getting by the way?
  • It's a bad idea. Your tattoo will not be fully healed by the time you have your surgery, no matter how small the piece is. Your body's main focus should focus on healing from surgery instead of the tattoo and surgery. Just wait until you're as healthy as possible for the easiest healing. :)
  • Nope, You cannot go in for surgery if you have tattoos'
  • dont sound like it would be, i would wait till after your surgery
  • Double check with your doctor, but it used to be that it was not advisable.
  • You've most likely had both for quite some time since this was posted on the old AB. But for those looking in now... 4 days before is not a good idea. Your body will need to heal from both. It also depends on where it is in relation to the surgery. Generally its better to wait till after so the tat doesn't get ruined by the surgery. Just remember a butterfly on the back can become a buzzard in the crack when you get old!

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