• Hard to say, but based on what I know about the case, I would have to say no. I think her husband Darin is worth a closer look though.
  • I watched a show on the case. I think she is not innocent, but I also feel she was not the only person involved with this Her emotional reactions are not consistent with someone who has lost a child at the hands of a murderer, unless you consider the possibility that she was the murderer.
  • I live here in the D-FW metroplex, where the murders happened. We got inundated with media coverage for many, many months. I've seen one exhaustive documentary that "supposedly" proved her innocence, and another exhaustive documentary that "supposedly" proved her guilt. It just appears to me that she HAD to have something to do with it. Her actions were just too weird after the deaths. But, truthfully, a case can be made either way, so she probably should be released on probation and "time served". But, I would like to see a totally independent source take "every single bit of evidence", and make a FINAL decision!
  • When I saw that murder case, I couldn't believe how gruesome it was. So much blood. Cant even imagine how anyone would have the heart to do that to two beautiful innocent boys. I believe she is truely guilty and more than likely had an accomplice.
  • sounds like there's plenty of room for reasonable doubt...if here defense wounds were not considered, i don't see how anyone could say she treated fairly by the system...

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