• There is no real legal definition of abandonded, but almost anyone would give you permission to dump/sell/burn the stuff after storing it in your place for a year. Have at it.
  • Check with your local laws, but most states/cities consider it abandoned goods. If you have tried to make documented contact with them and they have not picked up their stuff you should be able to sell it or give it to a chairty. Document anything you do with the items.... item by item or groupings if you can just to CYA.
  • I would think you could pretty much do what you wanted with them. After a year, the roommate couldn't have too much interest in them.
  • What belongings?
  • After that long, the goods are considered to be abandoned. You can give them away, keep them or sell them. Most jurisdictions state that you can do that after 30-90 days, so you've met that time frame and then some.

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