• yes they used to carry the boobonic plague.
  • Not really but when I was little I did & with good reason. I got bit by a river rat when I was about 14 months old & contracted typhoid & almost died from it. Also some of the places I lived when I was little was infested in rats, I woke up one night to hear something making a crunching noise by my ear & I seen a tail on my chest & realized it was a rat. I freaked but didn't scream because I was afaid it would bite me in the face so I started kicking the wall & woke my dad up & luckily it ran away but dad caught it & killed it. That was scarey. They don't really scare me now. Plus I keep cats so I don't have rats or mice anymore.
  • No, but I guess it depends on which kind and where they are at. If they are creeping around an urban area or in a house, those big brown norway rats are kind of nasty and they are so dirty and smelly. But if it's outside and just a wood rat or kangaroo rat they are very sweet looking and don't bother me at all. Even pet rats are rather sweet.
  • Nope not at all. I actaully have four pet rats, four of them currently named Jazz, Milly, Maggie and Nattie.
  • Nope. We had all types of critters growing up, including a hairless rat. Kinda funky at first, but they grow on you!
  • i have nine rats. are they scarey to me? obviously not. and of the dozens of hamsters and rats i have had since my daughter was born, the score is hamster bites, at least 10, rat bites, 0. my daughter has dropped them, sat on them, grabbed them suddenly (that earns a hamster bite), stepped on them, etc. and the patient critters take it all in stride. she is getting a little older now and i have been advising her to handle the critters better, but as a toddler she just didn't get it. i understand some people find rats scarey, and thus i like having them for shock value. they are content to stay near by when i take them outside in the sun during summer. i love watching people scream and run. ha ha.
  • Noooo... I’ve got a pet rat named "Steve McQueen"... he likes coffee and ginger biscuits. :)
  • no way, theyre so cute :)
  • they're creepy as fuck, sleek little bastards fucking running all over the place, hiding in god knows what, carrying babies with their big ass whiskers and what not... they piss me off, they need to leave humans alone, RODENTS!
  • Rats are cute and smart and good pets wild rats are scary and bite
  • Depends on the rat i encounter. One girlfriend a while ago had pet rats. Since then I cannot judge all rats the same as hers were intelligent and friendly.
  • Naa, but not much fun!
  • ive never been around them much but i think theyre cute

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