• Of course there are exceptions, but generally men do not like to talk about our feelings into the wee hours.
  • well... i like talking about feelings... i guess that what i want them to get is that there is nothing to get... each man is different... we are not all dogs, but some of us are... dont judge us as a gender and we wont do it likewise. each person has their own personality and no one thing is true about any group of people...
  • Firstly, we all have far higher quantities of male hormones than you, and they are pretty much geared specifically towards making us behave in ways that are far less civilised than you (or we) would prefer, so give us a freakin' break : D To add to that, not all of us are completely out of control in the hormone department - some of us actually 'can' control ourselves, there's no need to generalise so much : P
  • We dont like to talk during TV (Y)
  • I'M VISUAL...sorry, but that's just the way it is. O_o
  • That we need sex to survive!
  • How much it truly pains us to be punched in the balls. It's only funny in movies, really. I know it must look hilarious to see a big tough man squeak and double over and pant like a dog, but it's really traumatizing. Such a maneuver should only be used in self defense, not as a joke, please (for the love of all that is holy)
  • Men do dumb things. Its just the way it is. If I feel like having a few beers with my buddies and running headfirst into a picket fence, then thats just me being a guy! We don't always need a reason to do something stupid. Sometimes " because I can" is good enough!
  • For the most part, we mean what we say. If you ask us what we are thinking "right now", and we say nothing much, we mean that we are not really thinking about anything much. We are not pondering the universe, we are not thinking about how to better the world. We are probably thinking about the show we are watching and what to have for dinner.
  • That just because we don't say it 20 times a day, we really do LOVE YOU! Most times, when we haven't said it in a day or two, It really has slipped our mind, we didn't just stop loving y'all.
  • just be patient with us....we dont think along the same lines..we dont have the excellent brain matter as you women do and just stumble along our merry way....
  • I'm gonna get in trouble for this but, sometimes sex is just physical. Just be cause I'm curious, doesn't mean I don't love my s/o. We can't have it both ways. But we're sure's hell gonna try.
  • Yeah, we know...your d*ck in our mouth!
  • Not all of us think skinny models are sexy bigger breasts dosent mean we show more interest in them We may not talk as much as you but we do more things through actions no talking about it Some times a guy just needs time alone and hang out with his boys
  • That we are not even close to being as complex as women think we are. I think I speak for most guys when i say that if a woman will fuck us, suck us, and feed us on a regular basis, rarely will you ever hear us complain.

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