• I will gladly talk to you.... Send mail to Yours in Christ! Chap
  • I'm not sure if I'm in the mainstream as far as being a Christian, but I believe in God and know a good bit about the Bible. I'd be glad to talk with you, anytime.
  • I'm happy to share what I know about God and my views of Christianity in general with anyone. My e-mail is jmlr1967[at]
  • I'm happy to share what I know about God and my views of Christianity in general with anyone. My e-mail is jmlr1967[at]
  • I would enjoy visiting with you. Thanks, Perry
  • If you want a Catholic take on things (often very different from mainstream Protestantism), I would be willing to talk to you. My email is
  • Ask away
  • sure, sweetie. my husband is a pastor in Wesley International Church, an evangelical church in Sydney. email is
  • I'm on the conservative end of Christianity, but again would be happy to talk with you. Eltinwe (at)
  • &lt; > < > Disabled, usually home. Wife= Tam, 8-6 M-F Work < > We have raised our 6 Kiddos & probably have been through more than most. Always Straight Answers, Any Subject, even if the Answer is that We don't know, but We Will find out! God Bless. John
  • If you do have any questions you should really talk to your pastor before strangers but you can email me with any questions regarding girly things:
  • I am not a Christian ... I am a Tao-Zen Buddhist. Although most of the teachings of Buddha do not even mention a God, Buddha did say a few times that humans were divinely created and that the best way to get to know our Great Maker was to find the bit of Him that lives within us all. It was because of this, that Buddha meditated to find the truth from within. For thousands of years, the Ninja were considered healers and priests. I have studied theology of all known religions and I can and will help you without trying to convert you. Click my avatar and read my profile, my e-mail address is there, contact me if you wish.
  • I am a Christian, as I have prayed the sinner's prayer, and I have been baptised, and I would be more than happy to answer your questions. My dad is a pastor, and I have been saved since I was 5, and I went to christian school, and even bible college. Reach me at
  • I'm Mr.Dude there. Check it out, tons of people who will pray for you, encourage you, and teach you a thing or two. It's awesome.
  • Be very careful in your search for religious "wisdom". Test the various responses that you receive, against God's word. Many people believe that they know more than you, but they are simply filled with vanity. Review the following pieces of wisdom found in the scriptures; 1) As a child, you have known the word. 2) You need no man to provide you with an understanding of the word. 3) A true prophet must meet the guidelines found in Numbers 12:6. 4) Review John 14:21-23, in order to differentiate between "being found worthy" versus simply "being saved". The NT verses provide great deal of wisdom. Those that are found worthy, are "tested by fire" here on earth. They will be persecuted and thrown out of churches for the glorification of God. The greatest persecutions that they will face, is when God provides them with true understanding, that the ministers of God's word do not accept as being the truth. The ministers themselves are actually false prophets, that have relied on vanity, rather than seeking wisdom from God as Solomon did. Avoid their "literature" and "new bibles". Seek wisdom from God. Be patient, and believe in your heart, that He will guide you. 5) Know the result of changing the word of God (false prophet), even if you did not intend to change His word. Aaron's two sons were killed by God, simply because they had added incense to an offering on the altar, because He had not commanded them to do so. They had added to His word. I have experienced two visions and a dream. I have had new scripture verses appear and then disappear while reading the KJV Bible. I was answered by God in His own voice, when I was very troubled, and went to Him in very serious prayer. I have seen Jesus Christ (vision #2). I recognized Him immediately. At the end of all of this (5 year period), I was told that my name was written in heaven. I have faced great persecutions. What I have been shown, I would never trade for any wealth found in this world. We have returned to the days of Noah, as prophesied. Our churches are filled with false prophets. Be careful. I would welcome any communication with you. Take care. Thorwald Johansen email:
  • I am an Evangelical Christian currently enrolled in Bible College to become a pastor and I plan on persuing my Masters and even Doctorate. What ever the Lord has planned. My name is Seth and you can feel free to email me at God bless you!
  • Anytime. My email address is You have a very blessed day sweetie!
  • check out my group at the message area is almost all our beliefs check it and you can contact me I am the owner of he group ttyl
  • Anytime! <>< Go with Christ! ;-D
  • I would be more than happy to talk with you anytime. If I can't answer your questions I will ask my pastor, my best friend's dad who is a pastor, my cousin who is a pastor, or one of my close friends who is going to a Bible Institute! I'm sure between all of us we could help you with anything! I was raised in church and I have been saved since I was 8 years old! So feel free to ask me anything you would like to ask! My email address is! Hope to hear from you soon!
  • You're wise to be looking for answers to life's big questions from a higher source. There are answers out there. Just don't give up hope - ever! Truth is to be found scattered here and there all over, but there's one source that won't fail you, not ever: James 1:5 - If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. As you search, beware of some red flags: anger, contention, hatred, and immorality. All things that build up one another, teach you to do good, to serve other people, and to love your fellow man and forgive them is of God. An excellent place to start looking is here: But even if you don't find what you're looking for there, don't ever give up hope that you have a loving heavenly father that knows you personally, is willing to answer when you knock, and cares very deeply for you. You're truly a child of God.
  • Sure I've been a Christian for a while and i'm still finding it hard. Email me on
  • In Christianity, we desire to please God and grow closer to Him by continued study and application of the truth of His Word. I John 1:3 "...and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ." The Bible, as originally inspired, contains no contradictions or errors and gives us genuine answers to life's questions and the enthusiasm, peace, and confidence we need to succeed. Anyone who desires to grow in God's Word is welcome to visit my webpage, Ephesians 4:15 "But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:"
  • Just a little word to the wise - the responses you get here probably won't help you much. Everyone has his own interpretation of what his particular religion teaches. My advice would be to do your own research to find answers that better satisfy questions associated with the views that you subscribe to.

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