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  • i haven't tried anal sex (and never will) but i suppose what you've experienced is normal. brown stuff does come out of the anus, remember? maybe next time, it would be better if he uses condoms, so that his penis would not be coated with brownish matter. have fun! =)
  • Well it sounds like you went about it wrong... The girl always should do an enema before anal sex... That keeps the brown stuff (shit) from coming out... You get it out before the anal sex... As far as the farting goes... Look we all fart.. Even nice looking girls fart... we just don't do it in front of the guys... But here is the deal... during anal, he is pushing air up you. Air is everywhere and when he pushes his penis in he is compressing the air in your colon.. sometimes... well quite often it will come out uncontrollably and yes it sounds (and smells) exactly like a fart. It can be so embarrassing but both you and your partner need to know that it is not a fart and just part of the process.
  • Yeah it is normal, if he is grossed out maybe anal is not for him. The part about using an enemma, well thats all fine and good but I dont know of to many females that want to sit on the pot for a few hours before they want to get a penis inserted in thiers asses. The best thing is to make sure you go before he gets in there, or as stated tell him to wear condoms, maybe even buy the colored ones so its not as noticable. The air part is right, his penis pumping in and out of your lil behind is the same as a tire pump, so women say it helps because it feels better to have some pressure inside the anus because it expands the colon to where it puts presure on the vagina which then pushes its way all the way up to the g-spot, I am a man so I would know lol.
  • Heyy I've had anal sex before and the air problem (as Jen. said, its not a fart hon so don't worry about that part) is normal for anyone. An enema would help, but if you can't do that, its fine. My boyfriend basically ignored it and its not even something that we really think about; maybe you could talk to your boyfriend or something? It could be that its not for him if he has that much of a problem with something natural.
  • Damn... if he is bitching about anything he needs help... You are going to have effects from anal.. it is normal... he needs to deal with it on move on... damn... this really pissed me off....
  • It is quite normal and don't mind. If he wants to do that, he has to deal with it. He just should be happy that he was not having his tongue there when it happened.
  • Avoiding this problem just make him use the next time his tongue and not his penis. With his tongue he can give you much better and more tender feelings as he ever can with his penis.
  • ewwwww brown shit was coming out of ur ass hole disgusting who wouldn't be disgusted by that ewwwww it also was smelling ewwwww shitttt

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