• most of time cars have a 195 degree thermostat so theoretically it should go up to 195, open, and cool down some. the amount of heat the motor can stand is dependant on the motor, im not sure if corvettes in 1987 had aluminum heads yet (i think it was like 1993 ?) but a all iron block is considerably tougher than one with aluminum heads or with an aluminum block and heads. if i gets to hot (probably 240-250) you will have problems, iron or not, blown head gaskets, cracked head(s) etc. so watch it closely and if it gets hot get it fixed quick or the chevy gods will frown lol
  • Most cars I've had were in the 190-195 range. Given that the thermostat is a mechanical device, not controlled by any electronics, there is usually some (about 2-3%) imprecision. A 195F thermostat that is off by 3% will open at just under 201F; warmer than normal yet not enough to cause engine damage.

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