• Reminds us of our own mortality and that tomorrow is promised to no one.
  • Because people think you should live till your 70 or older so when a young person dies they go a life wasted they didn't get to live there life. Its just that they think they will live to an old age and if they die young they wont have the life they dream of
  • Until recently, this scared me. It's a fear of the unknown. You hear stories of near-death experiences, but no one really knows what's beyond that door. I'm no longer scared. It brings me comfort in my faith that my husband will be waiting for me there, where ever there is.
  • Like others have mentioned, it is fear of the unknown, or it is fear of dying (the pain that is involved).
  • It's not really the "dying" part of death that we are afraid of. It's just the unknown.
  • it is the unknown factor that scares most Suby. Sure, we have our faith, but so many versions of the after-life by theologians. +5
  • It's more the fear of the unknown. None of us have truly experienced death and returned to document our experience. We cannot comprehend non-existence. This terrifies some people.
  • I think it is fear of the unknown, they dont know what to expect. I cant fear what I dont know.
  • Sometimes the fears we have in living can be greater than the fear we have of death. The trauma and fear of suffering is often greater than that of death.
  • donno y 'peopl' r scared... but gues im more curius than scared of it... :D... peace!!!
  • Fear of the unknown is normal. Death is the great unknown because no one can tell you what it is like. You can ask someone what having cancer is like, or giving birth or winning an award is like..but death is mysterious and unknowable before the fact. :)
  • The finality of it.
  • I should not say: "I cannot wait to experience it" because I am a very curious person. I am not scared at all. Everyone with a clean slate should not be scared, don't the religious books of the world promise heaven??For everyone who is scared, I have an advice: Go to the library or into the internet and read about spirituality, of religions of the world, of science, of the cosmos. After about 40 books you are not scared anymore...
  • It isn`t really death that scares me, it is leaving the ones I love behind.
  • I don't know if everyone if really afraid of death; I think it's more fear of the unknown. I don't know if we should be afraid of death, but I'm not anymore.
  • I am not scared of death - unless it is a painful death - when it is over, it is over. I am just not looking forward to missing out on all the exciting happenings here - seeing my family, smelling fresh bread, walking in the woods on a sunny day, that kind of thing.
  • people fear the uncertainity... ...since fearing the death wont be of any help..we must be ready to take them easily...nothing matter if you fear it or not...
  • Because we don't know what lies beyond death. Are we reincarnated? Do we go to heaven? Or is death just the end with nothing more? That's why we have religious beliefs and theories, to placate our fears. As human beings, we seem to need an answer for everything, but what lies beyond death is the one question that has always eluded man, hence the fear and trepidation.
  • I just fear the pain of death, I'm sure it will hurt. No one should fear anything, but we do. Fear is not productive. No one really knows what happens when we die, so, yeah, most people are afraid of it.
  • did i lead a good life? did i get it right? No! and thats what scares us. we all look back and think i could have done this or that. we have not learned to come to terms with our own short comings. so, we fear what is next, the unknown. i am guilty of this as well. as i am sure other military vets and fire fighters polce officers and average citezens can tell you, you never really forgive yourself. if you cant let it go why would God? or who ever you belive in. hmmmm, this is a very good question you asked. now i have even more of my own questions. maybe its just to big for us. maybe its more about learning rather than fearing. i think i will learn how this fear effects me. then i will try a better answer.
  • Because we're trained to be afraid.
  • cause people dont want to die that early

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