• Nothing -- it's just cultural norms from 1000's of years ago. Regarding the "unclean" business. These days we hide "the mess" of childbirth in sterile hospital rooms, with sophisticated hazardous waste systems -- 1000's of years ago, "the mess" was considered toxic, and cleaning up was ritualized.
  • The bible is quite misogynistic and the characters that created it sure didn't like women very much, making other cultures at the time seem far ahead in women's rights. Perhaps being a backwards roaming nomad tribe like the Hebrews will do that to you.
  • Just shows you how twisted that bible is lol!!!!
  • mmm the bible is a little sexist... nothings unclean about baby girls, and nothing happens in childbirth that you cant mop up, lol
  • Maybe they come out menstruating. But good news, we don't need to worry about that any more, because of the New Covenant. Jesus saved us and made all the baby girls clean again.
  • The god Yahweh used to be married to the goddess Asherah. Then, all of a sudden, he commands all humans to worship no one but him, to the point of killing them for acknowledging other Gods or goddesses. That, combined with the blatant woman-hating spouted in the Bible like the passage you provided, tells me there must have been a messy divorce. I think she got half of the heavenly kingdom, and the dog and the car. It seems Yahweh got custody of Jesus though.
  • The hardest thing that some people have to understand about the Old Testament is that there does not have to be reason for something, it just is. There is no reason given for why you aren't supposed to mix meat and milk, the is no reason given for why you aren't supposed to kill someone else or even why you are supposed to respect your parents. Other than ultra-religious Jewish women, women don't do this ritual of purification in any case. It requires a mikva and is done in purified rain water.
  • I believe childbirth is nothing more than a simple miracle. I have 2 children, I am a very lucky woman. I do not see how something so miraculous could be considered dirty. On the medical aspect of the situation. Actually giving birth is not that dirty at all if in a hospital everything is sterile and free from dirt or germs. Good question.
  • its just another example of the christians being sexist against women
  • Does it say that girl babies are unclean? No, it does not. That is what you are reading into it. The truth is that circumcision for male babies took place 7 days after the birth, and the mother was present, so she came out of seclusion. She actually enjoyed a longer time of rest with a girl child than for a male. I am pretty sure that many of them enjoyed the rest.
  • The word 'unclean' is a wholly inaccurate translation; it refers to the word for menstruation, 'tuma,' which cannot be translated into English. During menstruation, the shedding of the unfertilized egg is considered the loss of a soul, just as men are directed not to self-satisfy because the result is also loss of souls. In both cases, it is the loss of spiritual potential. Experiencing such a loss puts one in a special spiritual state, because the soul and body are entwined. Like burial ceremonies, the ones involved are in that special spiritual state or 'tuma,' In this case, it is telling the husband to avoid intercourse with the woman until she stops the post-partum bleeding. Why? 'Tuma' ... a particularly spiritual state after giving life...bringing another soul into the world. Besides, childbirth stresses body and mind; it is in the family's best interests if the woman has a chance to recuperate from the ordeal. Remember, these people were generally nomadic desert dwellers; there were no hot showers, no sterile environments. The Bible gave them rules in order to protect them, maintain their health and provide guidance and inspiration.
  • First you have to realize there is a purpose for "The Law". That is the Mosaic Law. (Galatians 3:19) 1 Why, then, the Law? It was added to make transgressions manifest, until the seed should arrive to whom the promise had been made; and it was transmitted through angels by the hand of a mediator. These regulations undoubtedly had a good effect in a number of ways. While an occasional nocturnal emission by an unmarried man might be a normal function of the mature male body, the inconvenience of being “unclean” for a day would have discouraged an Israelite from seeking pleasure from such an emission; it would have urged him to avoid thinking on sensual matters. Also, medical studies partially credit the low incidence of uterine cancer among Jewish women to their abstaining from intercourse during menstruation; so there were hygienic benefits. This same regulation would remind the Israelite husband to take into consideration his wife’s biological cycles and limitations, both physical and emotional. (Lev. 18:19; 1 Pet. 3:7) Also, these laws would have taught men and women self-discipline, reasonable restraint of their passions and respect for the sexual organs. The Law’s regulations about menstruation, seminal emissions and childbirth would forcefully remind the Israelites of their sinful state. The sexual organs were made for a proper and upright purpose, to pass on perfect life. For an Israelite man, passing on life involved his emission of semen. With his wife, it involved her menstruation, for this was part of a cycle by which she was able to conceive. Childbirth was often the final result of their marital relations. But because they were imperfect humans, these normal functions passed on imperfect and sinful life. The periods of temporary “uncleanness” associated with these things would have constantly called that hereditary sinfulness to their attention. And that was especially true with childbirth, for a sin offering was required.—Lev. 12:8. The Israelites would have thus been helped to appreciate the need of a ransom sacrifice to cover their sins and restore human perfection. The animal sacrifices they offered did not accomplish that. (Heb. 10:3, 4) The Law, then, was to lead them to Christ and to help them appreciate that by means of his human sacrifice true forgiveness was possible, paving the way for restoration to human perfection.—Gal. 3:24; Heb. 9:13, 14. So as it may seem chauvinistic and demeaning to woman, on the surface, it is in fact a means of honoring them and for their benefit, both in the short term and especially the long term when Christ applies the benefits of his sacrifice and all mankind has the prospect of perfect everlasting life.
  • I am having a problem posting this in the comments so I'll put it here. AntigoneRising Could you please explain to me what "transgression" the law about childbirth addresses? Is childbirth a transgression? Your answer doesn't seem to address this at all, but talks about other laws not referenced in the question. Sorry I failed to make that point clear. Again we must remember the purpose of “the law.” That is to make sins manifest until Messiah comes whom will finish off sin. (Daniel 9:24-25) 24 “There are seventy weeks that have been determined upon your people and upon your holy city, in order to terminate the transgression, and to finish off sin, and to make atonement for error, and to bring in righteousness for times indefinite, and to imprint a seal upon vision and prophet, and to anoint the Holy of Holies. 25 And you should know and have the insight [that] from the going forth of [the] word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem until Mes•si´ah [the] Leader, there will be seven weeks, also sixty-two weeks. She will return and be actually rebuilt, with a public square and moat, but in the straits of the times. The greater explanation comes from Paul, a converted Pharisee/Jewish leader. I hope you can have an open mind and the reasonableness of his words. (Galatians 3:19) Why, then, the Law? It was added to make transgressions manifest, until the seed should arrive to whom the promise had been made; and it was transmitted through angels by the hand of a mediator. So the comment; “But because they were imperfect humans, these normal functions passed on imperfect and sinful life. The periods of temporary “uncleanness” associated with these things would have constantly called that hereditary sinfulness to their attention. And that was especially true with childbirth, for a sin offering was required.—Lev. 12:8.”, show’s us that bearing imperfect children was the transgression since the reproductive organs and process was designed to produce perfect children. Perhaps more so what I failed to address is the essence of the question. Why a longer period for girls? It is not than girls or woman are more sinful than men but there is a headship arrangement to keep in mind. So this extended time would also help women to reflect on their need of submission. I know today that arrangement is badly abused in many cases. (Genesis 3:16) To the woman he said: “I shall greatly increase the pain of your pregnancy; in birth pangs you will bring forth children, and your craving will be for your husband, and he will dominate you.” This pronouncement was not an ordination of the way things should be but an insight to how they would be. This is again all a result of sin. Christian texts from the standpoint of a former Pharisee tell us this is because the woman, Eve, was created second and was deceived. (1 Timothy 2:12-15) For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 Also, Adam was not deceived, but the woman was thoroughly deceived and came to be in transgression. 15 However, she will be kept safe through childbearing, provided they continue in faith and love and sanctification along with soundness of mind. I know this can be difficult to accept but this is all a result of sin which should help us to see the need for the Messiah whom will correct & restore us to perfection. Again “This same regulation would remind the Israelite husband to take into consideration his wife’s biological cycles and limitations, both physical and emotional.” So this honors the woman giving her a great time to rest and recuperate.
  • Read all the answers: Hayseed's is the one that gives an interpretation which makes sense to me. Thanks for the question and all the thoughtful responses. I learned something today.
  • Randomness you said "yeah same. also, the passages endorsing child abuse and the ones claiming that its not a big deal to beat up a pregnant woman and kill the baby. that kind of put me off a bit" You should get your fact straight. Here is what the Scriptures say on the subject. (Exodus 21:22-23) 22 “And in case men should struggle with each other and they really hurt a pregnant woman and her children do come out but no fatal accident occurs, he is to have damages imposed upon him without fail according to what the owner of the woman may lay upon him; and he must give it through the justices. 23 But if a fatal accident should occur, then you must give soul for soul," Being put to death for hurting an unborn child is a far cry from "endorsing child abuse" Then even if some one would hurt a pregnat woman they were "without fail" to have damages imposed upon them. In neither of these case is this demeaning to woman or suportive of child abuse. Much to the contrary, it honors and protects them women and the unborn child!!
  • AntigoneRising. It’s not a mater of “Having Testicles” but a mater of responsibility. (1 Corinthians 11:3) 3 But I want YOU to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God.. . . First everyone is subject to someone. (Luke 12:48) . . .Indeed, everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him; and the one whom people put in charge of much, they will demand more than usual of him. God has put man in charge of woman along with the entire earth. Men bear the responsibility for screwing it up. Where do you get the idea that a raped woman would have to marry the rapes? Here is what the Law says; (Deuteronomy 22:23-27) 23 “In case there happened to be a virgin girl engaged to a man, and a man actually found her in the city and lay down with her, 24 YOU must also bring them both out to the gate of that city and pelt them with stones, and they must die, the girl for the reason that she did not scream in the city, and the man for the reason that he humiliated the wife of his fellowman. So you must clear away what is evil from your midst. 25 “If, however, it is in the field that the man found the girl who was engaged, and the man grabbed hold of her and lay down with her, the man who lay down with her must also die by himself, 26 and to the girl you must do nothing. The girl has no sin deserving of death, because just as when a man rises up against his fellowman and indeed murders him, even a soul, so it is with this case. 27 For it was in the field that he found her. The girl who was engaged screamed, but there was no one to rescue her.” Being put to death for rape is far from having the woman you raped given to you as a wife along with a dowry. Yes AntigoneRising you need to “research the facts”
  • AR I won't argue that men need to realease or control their "Ego". They also need to learn how to handle reponcability. lets face it the world is screwed up becuase men & their ego. Ecc 8:9 "man has dominated man to his injury" To the point that we are Ruining the earth. (Revelation 11:18) . . .But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time for the dead to be judged, and to give [their] reward to your slaves the prophets and to the holy ones and to those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth. . . However whether we like it or not society requires structure. Some need to take "respocabilty" and make final decisions. God reserves that for himself. We all need to submit to it. Satan opposes him. Who do you want to follow? This is a good point re: “same amout of rest”. However, in trying to "UNDERSTAND" as aposed to “critsize” isn’t it beter to look for reasons why things are? Many times with “things”, especially issues in the Bible. Research both scientific and archiological end up shedding light on “issues”. For example. Why curcumsize on the 8th day? Science has shown us that vitamin K is highest on the guess what? The 8th day. VK is a blood cloting agency
  • AR I have answered your question. To refrase and recap it. What is known and understood, for a certainty, at this time is it is related to sin. But in order to understand you need to step back and see the big piture. I have explained the puropse of “the law” to make sins manifest and prepair the way for the Messiah. Step back and look at the forest. In time more light may be shed on your specific question as to why twice as long for Girls. But why critsize an entire body of knowledge simple because you cant get the quintisential answer to your question. As a result of your comments to mine and other, IE; (which I have a low opinion of, btw), I question your motives. You seem to not be seeking truth but simple to critisize and turn truth seeks away. That is very satanic. AR the intilectual satinism you profess will lead to your eternal distruction! Becarful!
  • the bible can be very sexist as many points
  • i need help ! Crazy postings btw.... Anyways, I have a question to answer regarding how i would bury someone according to leviticus purity law....(not touching anything unclean) I would appriciate any help, thanks!
  • it's leviticus. Leviticus is the most vile writing in fiction history. Do what I do, and burn it, simple. :P

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