• When is a Seagull not a Seagull. When it flys over the Bay then it's a Baygull. Get It?
  • When is car not a car? When it turns in to a garage. When is a door not a door? When it's ajar. How do you make an elephant float? 2 scoops of ice cream 1 elephant, a very big glass...
  • If a baby pig is a piglet, then what's a baby toy? (Hah, made you say it...)
  • "Spell I-Cup." "!" Ha ha!!
  • thats first grade? i still use that one...i also enjoy "it smells like updog in here"
  • How about the ever popular Yellow Stream by I P Freely
  • P1: I bet I can make you say black. P2: Okay, let's see. P1: What are the colors of the American flag? P2: Red, white and blue. P1: I told you I could make you say blue!!!!!!!!! P2: No you said you could make me say black. O.o P1: Haha I did! You just said black. (or along those lines).
  • Joe(a first grader): heyy...U. yeah U. Gary(turns around): Whatttt? Joe: M. Gary: What are you talking about? Joe: B! B! Gary(looks around frantically): Oh my gosh!!! where?!?! where?!?!? Joe(smiling): Um...B. yeah, U-M-B! U-M-B...B..B... Gary: Whatttttt? Hey kid are you making fun of me? Joe: I don't know how to spell umbrella, gosh! (joe runs away) Haha, this one is sooo corny. :P

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