• I would make it a law that you have to have a liscence and take a class to have an opinion. Because some of the people I have met dont even deserve to give out there opinions. But hey! Thats just one guys opinion, right?
  • I'd write and pass this into law: People Ending Nastiness In Society People are not allowed to be mean to each other. I'd be willing to give the matter my closest attention. No need to thank me;)
  • I'd start implementing Hate Law Legislation
  • Free health care for everyone including the homless!
  • a law allowing women to go topless,would benefit me nicely, of course I would require them to qualify for a license first.
  • well, for starters...
  • A law that states if any man or woman sexually abuses a child, rapes a child or kills a child that person would automatically be imprisoned for the rest of their life no parole and no visitation. There is no reforming a child predator....hopefully one of these days our justice system will figure this out and make the punishment to fit the crime. GREAT question Jay. :)
  • If you want to have sex or procreate you have to take certain tests to prove your intellectual and emotional stablity.
  • a law giving free necessary health care and medicine to everyone.... regardless.
  • Do I only get 1? Misstarries is excellent. I'd also like to see drunk drivers get 6 months in jail for their first offense & the laws on bigotry be just as strong
  • make all the collected taxes go straight through me... dont worry though things wouldnt change that much i cant possibly blow as much as all those politicians do
  • That i would be able to marry my partner and that anyone being man or woman, man and man, woman or woman to be able to wed. I know we are trying to fight that now. ;) Love the question, you always ask great questions
  • That Congress and "the decider" keep its hands off Medicare and Social Security programs in terms of chopping more away and focus on eliminating pork barrel spending, "no-bid" contracts, exorbitant spending on "junkets", rewarding lobbyist's employers and accepting bribes for screwing the public over and over and over again. What are the chances of such a law passing? I thought so...:(
  • Make the death penalty mandatory in all 50 states for any and all murderers to be carried out immediately upon being found guilty of the set charge.
  • If I was in charge of the laws for the world, It would be that we all become one united planet speaking one language, with the same currency. That way, when the Covenant attacks, we'll be together instead of appart. But if it's just for america, it'd be an ex-post-facto law: OJ Simpson gets executed via stoning.
  • That's easy: The "one free shot" law. The legislation provides one handgun and one bullet to every otherwise law abiding citizen within a jurisdiction over the age of 18 years. Each gun bearing citizen has the legal right to "take out" one citizen over the age of 18 years of age without fear of being charged with any crime. The benefits are numerous: all the idiots and morons that have been trying to ruin your life will either 1. be shot immediately by a host of willing persuants 2. use the one shot to do it themselves or 3. immediately leave you're wonderful jurisdiction as soon as possible and cease to bother you and the other 99.9% of citizens that wish to live in peace and harmony, and believe me, with that kind of law, you'd have "peace and harmony" very quickly after an intermediate "killing off" period subsequent to the introduction of the legislation. That's what I'd do. Please vote for me (or pray-what ever's best).

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