• ... with a warrant, or with the right hardware & software, very easy ...
  • If they know what they're doing, I'm sure it's not difficult, especially if your computer isn't protected by a good firewall. It's probably easier to pay a yearly fee for websites where you can get unlisted information. I had a friend who would go to a website where for a dollar each he could get unlisted addresses and phone numbers.
  • any tiny bit of information is a source to locate a person, beware!!
  • I don't think it would be too difficult for someone who knew what they were doing.
  • Not very. Even if you're on dial-up internet, your phone number has nothing to do with your IP address. An IP address is just a random number assigned to your computer by the network server so that it knows where to send which packets. Your ISP probably has your account information (phone number, address, etc) stored in their files, so in order for a hacker to obtain this info they'd have to hack directly into the server where that information is stored. Of course, if you store personal information on your computer then they can obtain this info from your machine if they are able to access an open port and take control of your terminal. A good firewall will ensure that most hackers can't access your computer through an open port, even if they know your IP address. Never store personal information (credit card numbers, bank account info, passwords, etc) on your machine unless you are on a secure network.
  • probably easy if they know how to do it

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