• If I was religous, Budha, because Allah folk says to kill Jesus folk, and Jesus folk are too pushy. Budha's a smooth pimp like that.
  • All. I won't decide for others what they should worship.
  • Each person must accept or reject each of these individuals themselves.
  • all for me......afterall its just "GOD" that we worship and to be more precise no one has seen any of them, all are the self-imagined pictures, but in fact, in the end of the day what it sublimes down to is "your faith in one sole GOD" thats what i beleive and will always bliv...i have worshiped in a temple, visited a mosque , sang hymns in the chapel...........every place is devine, all ppl are same hence god is all but one:)
  • All, they all had the same messege in a differnt form.
  • Buddha and Jesus are historically recorded figures, where Allah or God is, to me, an unproven power who may or may not exist.
  • none, but I think Jesus was a real man, but he certainly wasn't the messiah. He was a very naughty boy.
  • None. If I have to pick, Buddhism has it's merits as a "self-help" program, and is not as burdened with the dogma and violence of Islam and Christianity. That is not to say it is free of those things, just the lesser of the three evils. Pure philosophical Buddhism is OK. I suppose a pure philosophical version of Islam or Christianity would be OK too, but that would be like Diogenes looking for an honest man. :)
  • For me is Jesus. What is the reason? Notwithstanding that Allah is another name for God the Father, Jesus is only one that has died for me, he is only one that intercedes before God the Father for all man kind, He is only one that came running when I called “God help me!” and most of all, because He lives, I live also…. He paid the price so that those who believe, even in His name, may live.
  • Buddha is the buffet king. Jesus almighty. Allah the above.
  • For me Allah. Because I'm Muslim. I proud to be Muslime. If any one know about Allah and Allah's kindness and all other things he/she must belive on Allah.
  • For me, none. I do not practice a religion of worshipping a deity. It's simply not in my belief. But for others, I don't really think their is a right-or-wrong answer. Like, whenever anyone comes to my door to share a passage from the bible, I like to listen, even if I don't believe. Religion, no matter which one it is, is important to the people it touches and gives them faith and inner strength.
  • Jesus because to quote the words of Christ himself I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the father except through me. I don't have my bible in front of me right now so this is from memory and may not be exact. Jesus is lord He is my savior and redeemer. He is the true promised Messiah. I am greatful for his love and the sacrifice he made for all of us in Gethsemene and on the Cross.
  • That's a stupid question to ask. It's like saying "English, Spanish, Sign Language, none or all and why?" If you don't know this then there is no point telling you anything more until you do. It's like a kindergartner asking to be taught advanced mathematics in a simple as possible manner.
  • They should all have faith - stick to yours!

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