• Probably because there was insufficient evidence that Saddam had those infamous weapons of mass destruction.
  • not to mention, that the US was trying to equate the war with 9/11
  • Maybe because they thought GWB was attempting to finish what his father couldn't.
  • Because after all their inspections, the UN reiterated they had no evidence of the kind of weaponry the US demanded Iraq had. So despite all evidence to the contrary, the US stormed in anyway. Fast-forward to 2007 and a land immersed in civil war, terrorist acts and occupying forces.
  • The United Nations never passed a Resolution that permitted it to support the invasion. Those that it did pass fell short of supporting direct military action.
  • In order for the U.N to pass any resolution supporting or not supporting the iraq war there are five countries that must unanimously agree to the resolution. These five countries are the winners of world war 2, Russia, France, China, US and Britian. We know that France and Russia did not support the war because they had lucrative contracts with saddam on purchasing his oil. Saddam purposely gave Russia and France good deals so that he could control the UN. If Saddam was overthrown these contracts would be void. Both France and Russia did not want this. So they vetod the resolutions under the disquise of not wanting to rush to war. Theres other reasons too. We won't ever know them all but you can bet it has to do with eachs countries self interest.
  • Because they knew the cause was unjust. Their inspectors pretty much confirmed there were no WMDs. But they were upset they had not been able to better examine where the Iraqis had ben on the development of WMD. The US said the SCUD missiles were WMD's. They weren't really even as good as the WWII German V2's. The payload was about 800 pounds. Yes some were equipped to handle VX nerve gas. Unless placed into a crowded football stadium , doubt one could kill more than 50 or 60. So not a WMD. Might be of interest though. We also called his 105 and 155mm artillery pieces WMD's. But our's aren't. Also Iraq's land mines were against the Geneva's Conventions. But our's weren't as we didn't sign that one, nor the one on napalm back in 1954. I believe the US is currently the only country using napalm. Russia was tempted to use it in Afghanistan to improve things but didn't because they signed the agreement. The World Cort has found the US guilty of some 28 crimes in relation to Iraq. The EU has found the US in violation of human rights concerning Iraq and Gitmo and imposed trade sanctions where the US is taxed an extra 35% as well as US products being taxed at the same rate, making the US products completely uncompetitive. Brazil is doing the same.
  • Simplistic MORONS!

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