• yeah iam, and id gladly admit too.
  • Yes I am and it doesn't ever go least for me.
  • no, not at all
  • I am jealous to a point but only where it comes to what is mine. I would never stop my husband from talking with another woman. If some woman grabbed my husband's package, sort of like what some gal did to Tim McGraw in front of his wife, you best believe I would have given the tramp a tongue lashing too.
  • I am occasionally. Like I'm jealous sometimes of Canadians who have a much better chance of meeting members of a band I like than me. Sometimes I'm jealous of girls with smaller waistlines. I'm terribly jealous of Missy Peregrym (actress) cause I think she's got a fabulous career going that I would like to have. So, yes...but not all the time. Asking if I am seems to make it worse, huh?
  • Yes, sometimes. Definitely not as badly as I used to be.
  • Nah..maybe the "flu of Envy" but that's about it these days.
  • To some extent, but having been the victim of an insanely jealous husband, I refuse to harbor any jealousy in a relationship because I know how horribly miserable it can make the person on the receiving end feel. My thought in any subsequent relationship and marriage was that if my mate finds someone he would rather be with than me, I will gladly help him pack and go. All that spying and sneaking around to see who a husband or girlfriend is seeing or talking to - is crap. If you can't trust someone you are supposed to love, you don't have much of what it takes to keep a healthy relationship. I think some people here are confusing the true meaning of jealousy with covetousness. It is human nature to want things that others have, but jealousy usually is used in the content of being jealous of another person, where covetousness refers to their possessions, fame, monetary standing, etc.
  • I have to admit I do get jealous of the parents who can give their children more than I can give my daughter but for myself, I couldn't care less
  • No not really. I'm happy for people to do well and have good fortune. There is nothing I particularly need that I don't already have to some degree. I think it's great that some of you can go to the ab convention and meet your ab friends. If I was envious of anything, it would be that. I feel so far away over here in Oz Land.
  • I used to be. i don't let that stuff get to me any-more. there's no sense to it.
  • i am jealous of all my friends who have graduated from college, and i still have many years to go. one day i will be done, and it will be all worth it though.
  • Yes I have been known to be jealous...more so with another relationship I was in with a guy that I cared for a great deal. He was a bit of a ladies man and I found myself always being jealous and feeling insecure about the relationship. We dated 8 1/2 years and it was like that the whole time and eventually he ended up leaving me. I said when that relationship ended I would never be in another relationship where I spent all my time worried over who my S/O might be talking to, or looking at. IF that is the way the relationship has to be I would rather be alone. Now I am not jealous at all, but I am also not the same person. You could say he changed me. Great question Bux. :)
  • What if you love your bf so much. And you just don't want to lose him. My bf is very good looking. People say I look better than him. I dont care what they say. I am so in love with him. And sometimes I take it too far. I can't help it. We are both actors and the whole damn theatre building (we're students) are mostly girls. And they are catty already -- but also very whore-ish atleast in the way they flirt with the few men there. And I know this is wrong but I went to sign in to my myspace account -- and his was still signed on -- so I read a letter between him and a girl he used to hook up with. It was a letter reminiscing about all the sex they had I guess. And I almost broke up with him. But he assured me he wasn't going to cheat. It was just a day when we arguing and he saw her online -- so they talked. It sucks tho. I am usually NEVER the jealous one. I can pretty much date whoever I want. I dont know if this is some lesson I am supposed to learn.
  • I was when I was younger. Luckily as I matured it lessened
  • I've known many people to have drowned in the Jealous Sea but I try not to want what someone else has that much. It's not worthwhile to want that what you cannot have.
  • Sometimes, but not very often.
  • definitely. but thats an extremely long and messed up lovestory i wont go into...
  • I think it would be more appropriate to ask my question here. Are threesomes the sign of poor attachments with loved ones? How can a person be ok with a threesome if jealousy is a natural byproduct of being in love with someone? Or, are people that are ok with threesomes not experiencing real love?
  • yes, and it makes me frustrated and unhappy. it used to be worse though, when i couldn't even recognize it as jealousy, and the fault lay with me, rather, i externalized it and got angry with the people i was jealous of.
  • I am jealous of couples with a successful marriage and family. That is something that I have always longed for. I compensate by being as independant and as self reliant as I possibly can be. That way I can convince myself that I don't need a successful marriage and family.

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