• Definitely, working with troubled youth, peer mentoring, I consistently donate to the homeless and also Hurricane Katrina victims.
  • Yes I have. I donate money and time. For instance building or rebuilding places and cleanup after disasters.
  • Often a children charity will come asking quarters for children in need. I gave them 2 quarters (couldn't afford anymore)
  • Absolutely...all my life since teenage. Currently I am a member of the International Lions Club. Google Lions Club for all the services provided. Among many sight preservation related projects the one in which I am most involved is the raising of funds to buy and train guide dogs for blind.. I have been a mother, wife, and successful career woman....but I am so proud of the volunteer work in which I have been involved. That is where confidence and self-esteem finds its foundation in a young person...and satisfaction with life in someone older.
  • Yes, I do. I donate time, money, and goods to a Women's Crisis Center and a local Animal Rescue. I donate time and money to a local Homeless Mission. I donate money to the HSUS Humane Society), Defender's of Wildlife, Second Harvest, and the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). I also usually put a buck or two into the cups or hands of those begging on the streets, regardless of what they will do with it.
  • Yes. Relay for Life, time and money St Make a Humane money whenever I can
  • Yes. More in the past than lately, tho'! Some of the better causes that I have investigated and then donated, (after I was SURE that the majority of my donation would not go to "clerical" costs and most to the charity itself! A few good ones are: 1). The Scottish Rite Hospital - they performed open-heart surgery on my neice back about 25 years ago, (at no cost to my brother and his wife). They were told to pay when they could! 2). My Church - because I know where every single penny goes, and a huge chunck goes to very needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas! 3). The city Women's Shelter - that protects abused and penniless women and their children, and helps to get them back on their feet.
  • Salvation Army....... In 1968, there were riots in Nashville. many cold nights we stood watch to keep the peace. Twelve hour shifts were demanding. No one came to us, EXCEPT, The Salvation Army. The workers brought us hot coffee and bologna sandwiches. It tasted like a t-bone steak and we were thankful. Now, each year, i donate money specifically to The Salvation Army. When the chips were down, only The Salvation Army came around. This, i will never forget.
  • Yes United Cerebral Palsy Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
  • yes... A couple of weeks ago a group of us made Xmas cards to be sent to our men and women who are in the hospital in Germany because they were wounded in the war.
  • There is a group of five people suddenly killed one Friday evening this past fall. A downed motorcyclist attracted the attention of four good Samaritans who in turn got themselves run over by a drunk driver in a Dodge Ram pick up. Killed all five, no life insurance and the bereaved families, all five of them needed serious financial help. The community took over with a series of fundraising concerts featuring local rock and blues artists, silent auction, raffles etc. to benefit those left behind with the shock and the nasty bills. I took a small part in the silent auction by offering a professional termite service for a house. I think it is a worthy cause.
  • I have been doing volunteer work since I was in high school, and I donate money to various charities. I have been on two mission trips to Honduras as an interpreter for a medical team and to help put concrete floors in houses and build latrenes.
  • $50 to Save the Children Foundation.
  • I volunteer my time at the Literacy Center at my local library.
  • Yes I do some Charity work as well as donating. We have big rag days at university.
  • Yes, I've helped at a free yard sale, that was neat, and I have helped at a soup kitchen...donated clothes and old toys to i've only given to the bell ringers....aond a few homeless people on the street....i've also helped with fixing up old homes to the less fortunate to have their very own first home...
  • Yeah. I give money to my old schools and volunteer at a social services center on the weekends. The volunteer work I do for my own reasons: I enjoy the comeraderie of working with others who are not motivated simply by money. The fact that several hundred homeless people get served a good meal in 1.5 hours is a good thing too.
  • Not yet, but i'm going to work with the homeless, either in a genuine charity capacity, or just by sitting and talking to them, or buying them food or whatever...
  • Yes I have. My main project right now is for the American Diabetes Association. My son is type 1 diabetic and we try to do a walk every year. I want this to be the best for him yet so we are getting geared up for the walk that will be in Oct.08. If I had a wish I would want to be able to have the money to help all charities in one way or another.
  • Thanks for the terrific opportunity to "talk-up" my favorite charities! I do volunteer work and mentor patients at as well as donate some of my money to Magee Rehabilitation Hospital 1513 Race Street Philadelphia, PA. 19102-1177 I donate money to the Lupus Foundation of America, SE PA Chapter Wyncote House 25 Washington Lane, Suite 39-1 Wyncote, PA 19095-1403 Anyone who heard about or knows anything about physical rehabilitation, should investigate and inquire about Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. Please copy and paste the following link in your browser. OR please click on the link. Thanks! or the devastating disease, lupus. Please copy and paste the following link in your browser. OR please click on the link. Thanks! Discover for yourself how one or both of the above charities are benchmarks and highly respected, responsible institutions. They are always and in all ways striving to outdo themselves and seeking a higher degree of achievement and excellence. Either or both are worthy of any contribution or donation. The folks at those wonderful charities sure could put to good use contributions and donations. The contributions/donations can be any amount and in any one's name, honor or memory, And/or a family's or a group's name or honor. Our Family Slogan: "Every Good Wish to You and Yours!" Thanks Very Much for taking the time to read this. Very Truly Yours, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: My wonderful family! Because you offered!
  • Yes I donated my time in our local area Food Pantry three years ago. Until one day our manager brought me over to the side. He told me that I had to get my hair cut. Now all the food containers were of the closed varity so I could see maybe wearing a hair net but why a full hair cut? Did my manager have the right to order me to to do this by law? I was a hard worker and many women would openly give me credit. Well what happened on the following day I went to work and out of the blue he ordered me to the door-you are done. What could I do? I really liked serving the public in that job and now nothing. I mean this was a volunteer position. Now I know what law my manager has broken but he thinks I am what-stupid so he can get away with it. Now I did not do anything about it because I sdimply did not have any funds to do so. So he knows hes free and clear. I would like to go back to the food pantry but I feel I am not wanted. Before I worked at the Food Pantry; I worked repairing lawn mowers at my home in Skowhegan; I had a few customers but when my eyesight got bad I had to stop working; Before this I worked at Cedar BRidge Nursing Home as a CNA for 6 years: Before this I worked taking care of my mother who lived in this house with me (she passed away in 1996; Before this I worked in Rhode Island in East Greenwich Auto Parts Store as a counter person; Before this I worked in the US Navy as a Helicopter Specialist--squardron HS-i; before this I worked at Jamesforestal Research Center (Plasma Research)- Before this: I worked; Before this I I attended Princeton High School; Princeton; New Jersey and before that I went to Valley Road Middle School; Princeton; New Jersey; Before that I went to a Elementary School;Princeton; New Jersey and before this our family lived in Chicago; IL. where my Dad was a salesman for an Engineering Firm. Before this; We Lived in Towsen; Md. Where my Dad ran his own Engineering Company--called Spacegas Co.--the begining.
  • Yes I have. ME.

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