• Only if he had a daughter and she had no more room in her closet.
  • Only if every single drss ws one you had designed and made yourself, lol
  • Maybe he's an actor? He's probably holding them for someone. Seriously though, the best answer would be the one coming from him. Have a chat with him sooner than later.
  • That would depend on why he has them in his closet
  • Souldn't be answering this since I'm a guy, but I had to chime in....I don't think a woman would mind, as long as they weren't your size and you didn't have 50 pairs of shoes to boot(pardon the pun) :)
  • Yes, I would. And I'd probably try to wear them. I have nothing against cross-dressers (not calling you one). And a man who knows womens' sizes would be a turn-on. Straight men (usually) don't know anything about them.
  • Heck yeah I would especially if I got to pick my likes and wear them around. I love fashion and if that was something me and my man had in common I would be in heaven.
  • Here I go again, just call me the only self righteous asshole of the bunch. No. I would not date a guy who had a closet of frilly dresses. I speak for myself, there is no need for a man to think cross dressing is something all women want to endure. When I think of a relationship its with a average guy, and cross dressing into frilly dresses just doesn't work itself into the picture. What you do is your business, but for cross dressing bfriend! ;) Are you sure those aren't his wife's frilly dresses?
  • Are they in my size? Do you have matching shoes and accessories for each? Is there a promise of more to come???
  • Long as he didn't wear them.

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