• Not really, because the government would be using taxpayer money, and the taxpayers would be the ones donating anyway. Obviously this means that some people would be donating more than others though, and some not at all, so it would be less evenly spread amongst people.
  • When I worked as a volunteer in a food bank in a medium sized City when the food was available from the USDA-Govt. trucking we got it. It came about once every 3 months or so. The USDA gave us food NO PAPER PRODUCTS AT ALL. NO COFFEE OR TEA. NO BABY DIAPERS. So our food bank was left with promoting itself for donations and this is how we got poor people some TP-and ALL THE OTHER PAPER PRODUCTS that they needed. We also on good months bought some foods by the pound-can goods. Speciality business's exist that the public can not buy from. They sell food for 15 cents a pound and sell salvage food as well. Salvage food is damaged cartons or cans. I hope this makes it more clear?
  • No that is not the function of government.
    • asweetguy4u2know says R.I.P Nelson
      Awesome answer. It seems people like you and me are in the minorirty Too many fools think the government should be responsible for helping the less fortunate. Whatever happened to somerhing called the work ethic/personal responsibility? Back in my parents day people didnt demand that their boss pay them a living wage so they could support the 10 kids they made the concious choice to bring into the world knowing full well they lacked the skills and/or education needed to obtain a well paying job. They went out and got themselves as many jobs as needed to help make ends meet.

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