• I went insane and tried to punch him in the face.
  • i went mad and chucked him out. i felt really low and wondered what was wrong with me and why did he do it. it was like a thousand questions going around in my head all the time. it was really hard for me and even though we got back together i will never fully forgive him for making me feel like i did.
  • I was stunned when I found out my ex cheated. There was absolutely nothing wrong in any aspect in our relationship. (You're probably thinking that there had to be if he cheated).But there wasn't. Everything was great. I left him obviously and was briefly depressed but I got over that right quick.
  • Okay, every time I've been cheated on, I've reacted differently depending on the guy I was with and how bad he had cheated on me: 1. I went out and cheated to show him how bad it made me feel. 2. I ended the relationship 3. I went absolutely psychotic and went after the other girl, beat the crap outta her, and then beat him even worse. 4. Completely cut off: ended the relationship in front of a huge group of our friends, wouldn't even talk to him, went out with someone else after dumping him... and yes, he cheated on me THAT bad (i.e. sex, continued cheating for entire relationship, found out from his parents!!!) It wasn't pretty... Yeah, but most guys have learned straight off that cheating = the END. I got sick of it, and there were no good reasons for them to cheat.
  • I didn't eat well for 2 weeks - I lost 15 pounds. My sleep was all messed up, I never fell asleep before 1am or later, and I cried everyday. I'm still trying to deal with it and 7 weeks later there still hasn't been a day where I haven't cried or thought about her. People say to move on and get over her, but when you love someone unconditionally it isn't that easy
  • For about a week I was in complete shock, couldn't sleep or eat. I literally had roughly an hour or two of sleep a night. I was completely disconnected from my feelings, always cold and couldn't think straight. After that I was just straight depressed, feeling hurt, angry, worthless and confused. I lost 25 lbs quickly. I was obsessed with finding out everything I could. It's been 5 months and I still am extremely reserved with most people. I cry extremely easily (I've never been a crier before) and am still dealing with a deep depression. When I am happy I'm anxious of what will come along to end it which is causing me to sabotoge my own happiness. At first I didn't really blame the other woman much (it takes two), but right now I would tap dance on her grave if she dropped dead. I don't feel good about myself with these thoughts. It will take a lot of time to feel at peace.
  • Yes, I sincerely do. It was very devestating to me. I really didn't think I was going to make it through. But, it was also thee most rewarding time for me. I had an opportunity to do two things. Become bitter, vengeful, angry, worried, etc... or become more Loving, Kind, Forgiving, Compassionate, Understanding, Meek, Humble... all those of Truth. I did not go back into an abusive relationship. I am also very greatful that it is over. However, I am more grateful that I was allowed to go through such a Fire. I was afforded the opportunity to become more like those of Light and Truth. Here is a fact: No one has seen those that are dark; anger, fear, worry, jealousy... neither has anyone seen those of Truth; Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Mercy... WE HAVE ONLY PERCEIVED THEM! 2 Cor. 4-18 "For we do not look at the things that are seen but at those that are not seen. For those that are seen are temporal (temporary), But those that are UNSEEN ARE ETERNAL!" Please take the time to Understand the Fire that you are in. See trouble for who trouble is and use him to become more today than yesterday! This will pass as soon as you have grown... Who will you grow... FATHER BLESS jim author of WORDS A Prophecy Fulfilled P.S. The only one who has ever seen themselves in a mirror didn't last. It is the One who can see themselves with their eyes closed, that One is the One that lasts!
  • first off let me make it clear that this was in the distant husband is no cheater...but once upon a time i had a bf that cheated...and i lost 16 pounds in one week. for me this was dangerous to my health as i only weigh about 95 pounds.
  • This is not new but but I'm sorry if you are going thru that I know how much it hurts. I lost a lot of weight and I wasn't overweight to begin with. I remember driving home from work and crying so hard that I could hardly see to drive. My sister and dear friend helped me thru it. Without them, it would've been even harder.
  • I got into drugs and alcohol pretty bad...he cheated on me with my little sister!
  • I, well i felt as if i were put inside a box and the lid was closed so that its dark and i cannot breathe. for full night and day....and it suffocates me so much...we were on for 7 full years and i did what not for her....writing this also i feel suffocated....maybe its my karma..... ppl fall for smaller stuff and they dont understand what they r doing to others....maybe one day i will lose my brains and heart and will be lame forever...dont suffering for loving too much...
  • I hope I never find out.
  • Eating problems? I'll eat when I want to. Yes, I suffered a great deal emotionally because of it. However, I managed to deal with it with the help of other people.
  • I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut by an ox, (or an ass)... I couldn't breathe, I cried, punched my pillow, couldn't eat. I lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks, and I was not big to begin with. After that I decided he could have his family or he could have his whore, but he couldn't have both. I took the kids and moved 1,000 miles away.
  • I was hurt and upset yes, but I didn't find out until a year after that relationship ended, so it wasn't as bad. [We ended because of abuse]
  • I didn't find out until almost a year after the fact. I happened to find a CD with pictures of him at his whores house;she had given him a private surprise birthday party. I hyperventilated; went through weird physical changes; cried until I was hoarse; got on the phone and called my aunt,one of my close friends, and his favorite sister-in- law and told them he had broken my heart;I wanted to tell his favorite brother too, but couldn't find the number. I went to his closet and cut the legs off three pairs of suit pants,slashed his leather coat, and waited for him to return home from a meeting. When he walked in, I brandished an unloaded,non-working gun at him and screamed at him why did he hate me so much. Oh, before he came, I found out where the whore lived and drove to her house,maybe expecting to see his car there, but I didn't., so I drove home. For the next month or two, I lost weight, went to a therepist and was prescribed Zoloft by my doctor. Never in my life had I been blindsided by a man I had been with for 30 or so years.

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