• I don't recall suicides, but i remember reading of people fleeing their homes.
  • No, the newspapers overexaggerated the situation. People did try to leave cities, hide, and arm themselves though. The way the story was told made it seem like a real broadcast, there were news bulletins, poeple who played experts, and witnesses who spoke on the broadcast.
  • I tried but mommy took my blanky away.
  • I realize this question is four years old but I'll offer an answer anyway. There was panic -- and some extraordinary events -- with people believing the broadcast to be real but I believe there was not a single successful suicide. I'm not even sure if there were any attempts, but who knows for sure? I suggest a very good non-fiction book, " The Panic Broadcast." It gives some fascinating details of the entire event. Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm unsure of the author- - or even if that is the correct title. Howard Koch, the author of the radio script, MIGHT be the author of the book, too. You'll love it. At least, I did. +5

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