• There is a feature built into XP which is called "automatic login". You can use registry to set autologin by following this knowledgebase by Microsoft: NOTE: be very careful when you mess around with registry. You can cause your computer from booting up at all if you did it incorrectly. Here is another link but seems to be simpler to understand: If you don't want to mess with registry at all, you can download WinGuides Tweak Manager from above link and use GUI to enter information. I believe there is also a Microsoft released product which will allow this but I can't remember. Hopefully this is helpful.
  • Yes! If you have administrative rights you can change the user passwords, including yours which would have administrative rights to "no password." Better yet fdisk your hard drive and install any version of Linux. Linux is UNIX on steroids. MicroSnot is UNIX on LSD! MicroSnot works is an oxymoron! Q: What is the most expensive computer virus? A: MicroSnot. Why buy it. There are plenty of free viri out there?
  • The easiest way to do this is tho simply go start> run> control userpasswords2 this will bring up a user box and you just take the check mark out of the box...

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