• Blair witch project
  • Titanic. I think the first portion could have been cut out of the original version. And more focus given to the ship hitting the iceberg. It was tough to sit through in the theater.
  • I Robot. I remember reading Isaac Asimov's classic of short stories that told of the introduction and gradual acceptance of robots into the culture....and all its issues and was fascinated. I was really looking forward to the movie but was SOOO disappointed because it bears no real resemblance. Yes, the original is dated and would need to be brought into the 21st century...but all the genius was totally lost.
  • Snakes on a plane, I would just change the title...
  • "Circle of Iron" (aka The Silent Flute), the movie Bruce Lee wrote and was scheduled to star in prior to his death. He was replaced by an unknown actor in the lead, with David Carradine playing multiple roles.

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