• Don't feel bad Riff. I recently had to finally give in and buy reading glasses. Fortunately , Im only at a 1.50 strength at this point, but, it still sucks.
  • well im only 14 and im probably 60% deaf due to cronic ear infections, so i read lips and i hate having to have teachers repeat things .
  • I "flick my bic" a lot at the table, in order to read menus.
  • Well that's fairly irritating. I would like to SEE what I'm eating also. I have glasses now that I carry. It's becoming increasingly difficult to read. Other than that, I can't think of any other signs yet. Well, I do wear good shoes now if I know I'm going to be doing a lot of walking. If I don't my feet hurt. I can't run around all day in heels or flip flops anymore.
  • a big magnifying glass lol
  • I carry snacks usually in the event of plummeting blood sugar. In my youth I could go all day on a soda and a candy bar. Not anymore tho.
  • I ask the waiter for more light when he brings the menus.

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