• Sometimes- especially during the war of the roses and the dark ages- I know they are very different time periods but I don't like how we know so little about those times.
  • no, all they had in the way of the internet was dial up and I'll never use that again. Not to mention disease, tooth decay and pus filled wounds.
  • I would like to visit, but I wouldn't want to live in that era. It was dirty, people never bathed, it was plagued with diseases, not to mention that people were either rich or poor, there was no in between. Also, there was a punishment called, Hanged, Drawn and Quartered for those who committed a bad crime. If I was ever wrongly accused and forced to die that way...oh man!
  • For a visit, yes..but I'd have to be rich. No changing chamber pots for me, thanks!
  • No -- a nice place to visit, but not live. However, the people did bathe and were more clean than popular urban legend would say -- -- and during the Medieval period a middle class, of those with trades and skills, emerged. But this was a time without the Christian Gospel light, a world firmly in the grip of an oppressive Catholic church. Rich and powerful men only knew how to seek forgiveness by going on a Crusade, and/or giving money to found some abbey or monastery -- all a works-based understanding of religion. Books were scarce, and most people could not read, so superstition and ignorance abounded.
  • i do king arthur`s doing a great job
  • Hell ya i would love to live in medieval times it would be great, i dream about living there all the time being able to kill, steal and run from the guards if you get cought getting stoned, whipped or chucked in the dungeon. Yes i know you could get killed but i would still take that chance
  • Yes, but only if they had fresh water and modern plumbing.
  • I never would have made it, I had measles when I was little, and was born extremely near sighted.
  • maybe just for a short time. The costumes are fascinating and I'd love to have had even a small moment with Elizabeth I. She's my hero.
  • yes, although if luck wasn't on your side, you stood to die young, lose your teeth and be forever pregnant (ladies only obviously)! But even so I am a true romantic and would love to live in a time when men were real men and women were allowed to be women. (I would have loved to have dressed like them). However, life was so much harder then, to be cold, with basic food and without modern medicine would have been a real challenge. But the plus side was that families worked together and had morals. Crime was punished very harshly, which meant there was less crime, doors left unlocked, communities knew each other and socialised together and supported each other. Life was simple. Less stress, and I bet the kids behaved themselves! People used the resources at hand to live and were basically self sufficient. We couldn't blame the destruction of our planet on that era could we?

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