• Wow! A -4 right off the bat! I KNEW this was a good question!
  • Yes!! *sniff* It's terrible. Everyday, they march in front of our house! Strange-looking people in leather and studs! Men holding hands and dressed like Barbie(tm)! They carry signs: "Down with boy-girl love!" ..... or .... "Gay is the way!". I don't know how they found out we were married... we try to be low-key: all our windows have curtains, we never touch or stand to close when we go out of the house... but somehow they found out, and now we're trapped! Trapped I tell you! In our own home!!! *sobs* We are starting to doubt ourselves. Is our love wrong? She's female, I'm male... but still... all these people must know something we don't know, yes? Has our love been... a lie? I can't take it anymore! I'm getting divorced! I want leather and studs too!
    • Mircat
      Thats rude and not funny.
  • yes, I just love how people like to pass the buck and point fingers and blame others for their own mistakes, don't you? yes, we're to blame for more than 50% of your marriages failing. we're to blame for your infidelity, and for your abusing your spouse. we're to blame for all of your children that are born out of wedlock. and yeah, we're to blame for those of you (especially celebrities) who have such a blase' attitude towards marriage. Remember Britney's 55 hour drunken Vegas marriage? and now her divorce from "K-Fed." I have an uncle who's on his FIFTH marriage (surprisingly, this one is his longest lasting...). Yeah, my being a lesbian has "destroyed" the "institution" of marriage! so, how could we possibly do any worse than heterosexuals? at least give us the legal option to f**k it up just as much!
  • Never. I think gay marriage would lesson the divorce rate & they can show us how to do it right
  • That's kinda... weird.
  • Actually that's a very good question. I'm a gay man but I see lots of married men on the internet looking for gay sex on the sly. I don't know how much their wives know or care about or would react. I'm only certain that it is highly varied. In my opinion bisexuals should come out of the closet too and before getting married because the fiance needs to know about this. Don't start a doomed marriage because of a secret condition! And to repeat what I said, wives who found out their husbands had gay sex WILL be highly vairied in their reactions and decisions. Some will divorce, many will do nothing, and some will even like it.
  • Anyone with personal experience want to answer this question?
  • LOL..I can't say that it has. (Sorry, that's all I can say about it...still laughing too hard over Stableboy's answer)
  • Well I am no longer married. Been divorced for almost 11 years but a gay relationship had nothing to do with it. My ex wife's sister was gay and we both loved her no differently than we would have if she was straight. We had her and her partner over many times as well as been to their house many times. You don't turn your back on someone just because you don';t agree with the way they choose to live their life. You love them anyway and hope that they are happy with their life.
  • I was married for 7 years and then found out my husband was gay..who knew?...hunting fishing and hanging out with his guy friends. How was that a clue???

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