• I once made my little sister, who must have been about four, to name her super hero (something we played often) Urine, because I told her it was the prettiest name ever. I made up for it by telling her, age 12 now, that she couldn't name her child Anus even though she thought it sounded pretty.
  • I broke my brother jaw for bad mouthing my wife. no regretes, but he did apologize to her.
  • My sister and I found an old intercom system in our house and rigged half of it in our younger brother's (around 6) room. Then we'd make the scariest sounds we could think of and he'd come running out crying. I thought it was hilarious, but there's a slightly evil side to me. I never made it up to him but I'm sure revenge will be his one day.
  • I had one of those morning zoo radio programs call up my sister and tell her she did'nt get a teaching job because she lied about the color of her eyes on the job application. They were really giving her a hard time. She really bought in to it, hook, line, and sinker. She was so upset, she started to cry right on the radio! When they finally told her it was just a prank, and I was the one who started it, they had to bleep the rest of her comments. When I went over to house to apologize, we laughed so hard, it took me five minutes just to get a word out.
  • Kicked my older brother in the nuts. I don't regret it, I laughed until I cried. I did apologize so he wouldn't kick my ass.
  • When I was around 8, I forced my brother to drink pickle juice. To this day (he's 30 now), he will not go anywhere near a pickle or a cucumber (he always says cucumbers are too close to pickles). I also pushed him out to a dumpster in his underwear during February vacation -- my mother wasn't happy when she got the call at work from a neighbor! Fortunately, that had no lasting effects. I've apologized and feel bad for any of the things I did that had lasting damage!
  • We beat the crap out of each other, but I was a little stronger. We were 5 and 6, so that is all forgotten.
  • I shoved a peanut into a air rifle and promptly shot my younger brother in his side i didnt think for one minute it would fire,after laughing my head off i did say sorry.
  • I was at a friends house and i rung my brother up on his mobile pretending to be someone else and saying 'Hey, erm i thaw your number on a door in the boyths toilets in a bar...and i thought i would ring up and thay hello...' He fell for it hook line and sinker, and he told me all about it when i came home, im not sure to tell him that is was me or not...:P
  • My little brother and I had a big, long, drawn-out talk when we reached the ages of about 14 and 16 about fighting. He stated that he knew I would ALWAYS kick his tail, BUT, if the situation warranted it, it (the fight) was still gonna have to be done! He was never gonna lay down to me (or ANYONE for that matter), and to this day, he never has, whether you are 6'8" tall, weigh 275 lbs., and own black belts in every martial art, if you start a fight with my little brother, he WILL finish it! He may not win, but you will know you were in a "scrape"! Knowing this, he still got under my skin enough one day when I was 17, and I kicked his butt. Afterwards, "I" was the one that felt bad, (go figure)! He started it, he wouldn't let it drop, and I finished it, but I was the one who felt bad about it!
  • I feel really bad, but my sister was younger, prettier and always got the boys i wanted, so i used to beat the crap out of her, but we have made ammends for that, also my mum told me the other day that she caught me throwing dirt in my baby bros pram when i was 5...ooops, sorry bro, mind you didnt appologise for that as he had a thing for throwing glass at me, he once hid a broken bottle in a sand pit we used to play in, i stood on it! so we are even stevens now.
  • I don't know that it so much cruel, but it is the thing that comes to mind. I have told this story here before but I will repeat it. When we were kids my sister and I were home during summer vacation alone as both of our parents worked. I always wanted to watch cartoons when they came on in the afternoon and she liked to watch soap operas. We fought over it all the time. It was summer and we lived in Texas so it was about 95 degrees at least. She was about 14 and I was about 8 so she was physically dominant. I got so mad about not being able to watch cartoons that I went outside and turned the electric breaker off, no more TV, no more soap operas. I hid in the shrubs and when she came out to reset the breaker I ran in the house and locked the doors. She would not reset the breaker, so no air conditioner, I could not open the windows because she could get in. It go real hot in that house, but I didn't care, I had won! We got in big trouble over this as the food in our freezer had begun to thaw by the time my mom got home. We laugh about it now but gosh, did we ever have some battles!
  • I was born with her (we're twins) I never apologized and terrorized her throughout our youth. Boys being boys I guess.
  • Uhm. I slept with my sister's ex boyfriend. Yes I regret it every day. And I've never felt so horrible in my life. But I've apologised to much to her. She told me that my apologies mean nothing and that sorry is just a word, it's just like hello to her these days. I've said it too many times. I'm just begging for the day that she can forgive me. I love her with everything I am.
  • My cousin and I took my brother out into a cornfield at my grandparent's ranch, tied him up, layed him on his back and told him to roll home which took him about two hours. I thought this was hillarious at the time but my mom didn't think so and I got my butt whooped pretty good. I later apologized and mom made me do both myine and my brother's chores for the rest of our stay so that kind of made up for it.
  • When my little sister was about 4, my friends and I made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and put a worm in it. She ate the whole thing! I don't really regret it but I feel bad because that's just disgusting!!!! But no... I haven't apologized.

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