• It's on the 16th floor facing over the city and mountains of Vancouver..It is floor to ceiling glass --I am at a desk facing the glass...The room is sort of a smoky blue's our second bedroom...It has one wall of mirrors and one wall of solid bookcases....
  • walls are a smokey rose color..hardwood floors..chaise lounge in the righthand corner..small table and lamp beside it..nightstand on either side of the iron and wood bed..window to the left side of the to describe than I thought..its a bedroom
  • walls are mauve, carpet is ugly, couches are a prism of colors. coffee table in the center of my window, my cats purch attached to the in the center pushed up agasit the living room wall.
  • Two closets , my bed , T.V. computer and desk , Bay window and side window , two tall hutches with night lights , pretty peaceful + 5
  • Ugly wallpapered walls, of some odd circular shape in a silvery color on a greyish-white background. White peeling painted ceiling. Floor has old multi-toned green striped shag carpet. I am right beside a pair of windows that look out onto our yard and across to the neighbors house. The windows have Golden oak casings and off-white linen curtains with crocheted flowers on. I am at a large desk with papers and books and odds-n-ends strewn across it. There are filing cabinets beside me under the windows, also. I have a book case across to my right-hand side, full of books and teeny-beenie babies. There are posters of Johnny Depp all over the ugly walls. There's a Vine printed border about 6 inches deep around the top of the room. There is another desk with another computer and another book case up against the opposite wall,also.
  • It's a second floor loft. Tan carpeting. Corner desk. Overlooks the pool. White walls. It's the only 'room' in the house that I haven't painted yet.
  • The walls are the color of thr red rocks; there are 3 lg. bookcases floor to ceiling, full, yes books;also there many! native american item, occult items orientil items, a love set , a recliner, a swival rocker, a large screen tv and me with my laptop!!!!!!!!
  • It should be a dining room, but it is filled with office furniture and computer equipment.
  • Corners: 1. Big Screen w/electronics rack. 2. Entry Door 3. Antique Victrola 4. Computer Desk Walls: 1. Shelves 2. Lazy Boy Recliner and table 3. Computer Desk & 1/2 of wrap around sofa 4. Windows Center: Other 1/2 of wrap around sofa and coffee table. This is my room and I love my room.
  • In great need of someone to pay attn to it instead of AB.
  • The walls of the (small) room are an ugly, light grayish-pink color, and the floor has a gray, blah-feeling carpet on it. There are two windows on the sides of one corner, and under them is a bed with a bunch of pillowcased and un-pillowcased pillows and blankets. By the end of the bed is a book case with knick-knacks like little stands with spinny music-playing things and a copper flower and a quill, on top. Past that, and opposite of one of the windows, is a corner with a closet in the wall next to it -- the light on in it, and you can see a huge Chinese-looking fan and a random globe behind the clothes. Next to the closet is a rocking chair stuffed with clothes. The wall then bends in a sort of outward corner and goes into a nook with two bookcases surrounding a door, a Japanese doll standing on one of them. In a corner, there is a red poster-paper thing with a bunch of marker drawings on it. Then there's another door, and a bunch more bookcases and drawers with a mirror and tons of pictures pasted all over the wall above them, forming a sort of collage (it's mostly post-punk bands, surreal drawings, and some hot dude with wings). Then there's a clothes hamper thing, and at the last wall, you have more drawers, pictures and a mask on the wall, and a table with a computer and a plant on it. Oh, and there are clothes and notebooks strewn all over the floor.

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