• Simple really gospel means good news. Good news of the kingdom of heaven being near, accomplished by Jesus. And the good news of Jesus Christ who accomplished the kingdom of heaven. One and the same thing!!
  • the link The Kingdom, does that include The Father?
  • Naturally Paul would preach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ; for the message of Paul and Jesus are one the same. Paul was called of Jesus' on the Road to Damascus to be an apostle to the Gentiles. Paul rested all his theology on the fact that he had seen the risen Christ[Jesus] who was, as He claimed to be, the Messiah of the Jewish promise and hope.
  • What an excellent question!!! I spend hours ad nauseum trying to show fellow Christians that what Jesus taught is not the same thing that Paul taught. The think every time the word "gospel" shows up that it's talking about the same message, and it's not! There are 4 gospels in the New Testament. 1. Gospel of the Kingdom - preparing people for the literal physical kingdom 2. Gospel of the Grace of God - Salvation by grace through faith in the church age, revealed to Paul 3. Everlasting Gospel - Rev. 14:6 taught in the Tribulation and throughout the millennial reign of Christ 4. False Gospels - Gal. 1:6-9; 2 Cor. 11:3-4 Jesus is preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven - that is, the literal physical kingdom is at hand. It's helpful to understand Matt. - Acts 7 and then Hebrews - Revelation all as one period before the kingdom. Therefore it is all spoken of as if it is the same without the 2k year interruption of the church. These periods are simply warning/proclaiming about the imminent coming kingdom. The church era doctrine was revealed to Paul, and it's very different as far as appropriation and application. We live under the time period where Paul's revelation from Christ is what is most applicable to us right now. The Sermon on the Mount is actually the constitution for the millennium, not a discourse on Christian doctrine. You were observant to notice the difference. I wish more Christians would read and study as observantly. Mixing up and confusing the different kingdoms is what Caused the Catholic church to thing the kingdom was literal (dark ages, inquisitions, wars), when it wasn't, and on the opposite polarity, many modern Christians think the kingdoms are the same but all spiritual. Both views are wrong. There are two kingdoms - a spiritual kingdom (NOW), and a literal kingdom (future). It's difficult to discuss such a thing without leaving out key details in such a short time. Please take that into consideration as you consider this answer.
  • finally, some one else has it right! Paul and Jesus did preach different gospels. they are not the same exact thing. although they are some minor similarities, the main and clearest distinction comes when we ask how to attain salvation. Paul = grace through faith. jesus = faith + works/observance of the law. the only thing i disagree with, in what you said, is that Jesus preached about the kingdom on earth (the millenial kingdom that comes after the tribulation period) and paul preached of the kingdom of heaven (this means that Gentiles will inherit the kingdom of heaven = we go to heaven when we die (or if you wanna be really specific: we die and go to sleep, then go to heaven during the rapture), us gentiles do not get the earthly kingdom (millenial kingdom). so, how do they preach different things? let's look at salvation. Paul says "we are saved "by grace thru faith, not by works, so that no one can boast" he also says that " no one shall be declared rightteous by observing the law" Jesus, when asked what one must do to inherit eternal life says "obey the commandments" or "sell all you have and give it to the poor" also, paul uses the word grace 87 times, and as we all know we are saved by grace thru faith. Guess how many times Jesus mentions the word "Grace"? 0 times. how 'bout them apples?
  • 8-2-2017 So what exactly is your question? Jesus was a Jew speaking to Jews about Jewish matters. Paul was a Christian speaking to Christians about Christian matters. Not the same message at all. Jesus knew nothing about Christianity. Ephesians 3:5 says it was not revealed then.

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