• Marriage has become pointless, how many young couples these days will ever share their entire lives together, divorce is now not only acceptable but has become expected!!
  • Yes, it is just as sacred now as it was 20 or 50 years ago. Effectively, it still isn't sacred at all. Or maybe, it is more sacred now than it ever has been before, as I'll explain below. Most marriages lasted historically either because it was a huge social sin to end them, divorce was virtually unheard of and the subject of intense social rejection, and most of all, women were, to varying degrees, breeding machines that had no ability to be independent or have any social mobility whatsoever. Thankfully, the situation has changed. Women can now be anything they want to be - doctors, lawyers, CEOs, soldiers, cops, etc. Although there are still terrible social pressures, in many cases, to lead women to feel that being a wife and a mother is the be-all and end-all of womanhood, increasingly progressive families are raising their girls to think outside this small box. I'm not saying being a wife and a mother are bad or stupid things - far from it, being a good mom is noble and HARD - but women CAN do other things, and shouldn't be forced by society into this one way road if they might be better suited for other things. Of course, with women able to make it on their own, with better education and more self-confidence, and the ability to be hired for what they can do rather than what their gender is, divorce rates increase, and will continue to increase. It's easy for marriages to last when one party completely dominates the other, and women have no other options than to be "taken care of" by men. For this reason, I would argue that marriage, or at least marriages that last, are more sacred today than at any time in human history. Rather than based on a fundamental inequality, marriages of equals that last demonstrate that some humans can find other humans that they love, respect, and cherish enough to stick with for the long haul. Now that's a marriage.
  • Good question. The divorce rate has increased greatly; the biggest reason given is infidelity. Marriage is allowed in some areas amongst gays. As the word 'sacred' is indicates holy or reverently dedicated and many churches are against gay marriage, it would seem that marriage is not as 'sacred' as it has been in the past.
  • Mine is. Knock wood.
  • Marriage is recognized in the Bible as a vital and legitimate social institution but not religious in itself - you don't have to be religious or even a believer to marry. For Roman Catholics marriage is a sacrament, for Protestants it is not though often we do have church community weddings officiated by a minister but that is more making them a vehicle to declare our faith.
  • 12-18-2016 There is a little book called "Men And Marriage" Everybody should read it because the concepts have been forgotten. It's only 15 bux. Get it.
  • It is to me.
  • The trend seems to be toward the lighter view of marriage, particularly among younger people. However, genuine Christians recognize God's standards for marriage and take seriously their vows. 24 In the Christian congregation, there are many thousands of happy marriages
  • Jesus said, "Make no vows" No marriage on earth. Marriage was originally done to show ownership of a woman by a man be it one woman or a hundred. Blood lines were very important at one time making virgin marriage a must to keep a tribe pure. Marriage is man made.

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