• Don't think twice! He's OUT! hahah... It is a worthwhile website because you're constantly stimulating your mind, learning, and dealing with thought provoking questions! What more could you want in life? It provides everything my boyfriend does not.
  • Yes absolutely.
  • Never mind should you divorce him, WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT ALREADY???
  • What does he think IS worthwhile? Hmmmmm??? ;D
  • If he hasn't tried AB, hold off on the divorce and let him. Your marriage may be saved!! Of course, you'll never get him off the computer;)
  • no it would require too much effort. Ignore him and eventually he will wander away.
  • no. that would be a waste of a divorce. you'd be throwing your marridge away over something that is stupid to divorce over.
  • No cause for all you know he might be a secret Aber, and just doesn't want you to know.
  • Try converting him. If anything else fails...
  • No one has the right to decide what is worthwhile for someone else..the only exception would be for the parent/child is a parent's job to guide his/her child. I would pull that on your husband and see how he likes it...whatever activities he participates in and enjoys..just let him know that you think he is wasting his time on worthless pursuits and ought to be spending his time in other ways on other things. :)
  • Thats a pity, my hubby and I really enjoy reading the questions and coming up with answers together.
  • No, its not worth a divorce, however, your hubby should maybe listen to you a bit more since only you know what AB does for you. ** (I can see his concerns, my brother (and friend) got the internet and "america on line" for his wife, to "chat". (ther were married about 20 yrs) she met a guy over the internet and left my brother . went to south carolina, to hook up, my brother found out where she was and drove down and talked her to comming home, she did for a few weeks and left again, my brother blew his head off over this) so I can see concern. but the choice is / and should be yours, naturaly you should take his feelings into concideration, as he should take yours.
  • i think he may be a little jealous of the time spent on it, away from him. get him a laptop computer so he can bag with you.
  • YEs LOL
  • Maybe you should get him into it! :) But then maybe not, then you might not get him to let you use the computer! :)
  • Yes, definately.
  • Depends on how many points your question gets. :)
  • screw him, husbands come and go like the wind,but friends like us nutty baggers are here for life. so yeah divorce the SOD and keep the pc and the house. lolol.
  • Yes. If he can't accept AB for what it is, it is time to think about divorce. Haha what a funny question.
  • You have to decide Sweetcakes! Don't change your husband to AB, it is important!
  • Off with his head.
  • yes divorce your husband if he doesnt like answerbag hes just a meany poop head
  • I personally think that's a stupid reason to divorce someone. I hope you weren't serious when you asked this question. I don't think you were. For all I know, it could have been his way of saying "I want to spend time with you, but all I ever see is the back of your head. I miss you."
  • If that is the only reason then no you shouldn't divorce him just do your best to make him see the value in being an active participant in this site.
  • Sounds like a "keeper" to me.
  • No, just be discreet when using Answerbag. If he notices and complains just ask if he is ready to give up his porn. There will be no more discussion regarding Answerbag.
  • Hes probably right. Ive been on several Q and A sites and this one ranks close to the bottom. They let people put up any kind of question no matter how stupid so they can earn points and feel important. They recycle old questions constantly because not enough people use the site. You could be answering questions years old that absolutely nobody gives a rip about. So for this site your husband is more than likely right. On better sites with current questions and moderated correctly you could be very useful and your husband very wrong.

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