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  • Don't say anything , just spray some Deep Heat on her chair or put a mound of pepper on it.
  • Oh my god, that's disgusting. you should speak with your boss and ask him to talk to her. it can't go on if everybody feel so offended by her. or you just politely ask her to be more decent, without mentioning the whole vagina-thing. just tell her she wears to short skirts. and don't say you speak on behalf on everbody because then she would feel hurt.
  • One way to stop this is to get a different job. Where do you work at, a strip joint?
  • I think you should have a company wide clam bake.
  • gnarly! ask your boss to make a dress code requiring underwear.
  • Get ALL the employees to bring in a camera on the same day and then everyone pile into her cubicle/work area at the same time, like the employees who sing happy birthday at the steakhouse. Then one of you ask her if we can all take a picture of it since nobody we tell actually believes us. "Smile and say cheese!!!!)" She'll die of embarrassment for sure.
  • You must be a jealous woman. My wife always goes commando under mini-skirts and I love her making her privates public. She has problems with a few of the shriveled up old hags in her office but loves the attention from the men. And forget complaining to the boss...if she's like my wife she's been screwing him since naked pussy day one.
  • If you didn't ask her day one you can't now. You set the precedence. Now it's not fun anymore and you want her to stop, it doesn't work that way. Ignore it, what? You can't, well if you would have said something from jump street then you wouldn't have this problem. Now that the fun is over, well who says when the fun is over, you or her? Obviously it's her.
  • You might as well get used to it. Does she keep it shaved bare?
  • does she need a part time job say pulling turnips in my garden?
  • First of all she is not flashing her Vagina. The correct name for a woman's genitalia is Vulva,this is what you see,unless of course she is spreading her Labia Minor which are the smaller of the Labia then you see her Vagina.
  • Just tell her to go home and put some pants on.

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