• If its red at the piercing site, you may have an infection. You may be able to get a topica antibiotic but better yet, if its really bad, see a doctor!
  • Yes and yes. In other words both may apply. Salt dehydrates the skin. Dry skin is easily irritated. Second, you can have a low tolerance to metals and when that metal is combined with salt (causing corrosion) then your skin is being exposed to higher level of oxides of that metal leading to a reaction. I would strongly suggest you take the bar out for your soak - after your soak rinse the area inside and out (inside the piercing) pat dry, apply a non allergenic skin moisturizer to the area allow to fully dry - say about an hour then return the bar to its place.
  • Hi, my problem is kind of similar; but the itchness isnt where my belly bar is but on the area around it. Has anyone an idea what this could be please..
  • Sure -- several ways it can be infected / irritated -- you have a hole with a foreign object in it.

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