• The key words here are "in his image". God created Man in his image - he poured forth all of which he could possibly give to Man, without burdening Man with all that comes with being an all knowing, all powerful Creator. God could only ever create beings in His image - none could ever be as inherently good, or as wise, or as powerful as He. Even the Angels that God created to work along-side him were not gifted with the ability to be impervious to lesser emotions, desires and needs. See: Lucifer. God also gave Man many choices and options - the star attraction amongst those choices is ... the actual ability to choose. The option to decide for ourselves. And choice takes many different forms - temptation is one of them. Weakness is another. So is Greed. See: Judas. It is said that the only true perfect being is God, and that all other beings, especially Man, are simply created in the image and reflection of this perfection.
  • Think of seeing yourself in a mirror. You are seeing an image of yourself, yes? Yet, is it a perfect image? This image is two-dimensional. It is flip-flopped left and right. So, though it is an image, it does not have every single one of your qualities. Adam and Eve were created in the image of God- not copies of God. They were created in complete harmony with God- thought, word, and deed. Yet, they were given the ability to choose to go another way. And they made that choice.
  • keep in mind that adam and eve were created without sin....original sin came after temptation entered the picture......
  • It is a disappointing thing to know that men invent and practise religions for the purposes of men. God didn't give us any religions. Just a thought. We are an image of a thing. We are not the thing. A very good analogy for anwering what it means to be the image of something is to consider the light of a distant object, another galaxy, star, etc. What we observe is the image. Not much substance to what we see. A lot of people want to believe we are more than an image, so, we busy ourselves elevating our stature in our minds. The "image" is not much like the substance of the thing that produces the image. Sin is inherent in the nature of the beast. There was no deed that ruined us. We just decided we didn't like what we had and voila! the thougts and deeds of men have been screwing things up since. If we are but an image...and these notions are very profound...we are a flawed image. We aggrandize ourselves by imagining we are more substantive, closer to the "creator". We are the light of creation, not the creation.
  • assuming for the sake of argument that God actually existed: 'God has a flawed character' is the understatement of the century I believe.
  • What if GOD doesn't exist and we all evolved over time from monkeys?..................Where does sin come into it then?
  • As Microsoft would say, "That's not a bug; it's a feature!" God is an omniscient being. As such, he knew ahead of time that Adam and Eve would sin. Therefore, it must be assumed that sin (or at least the capacity for it) was part of his plan from the beginning.
  • Hmmm... Let's rephrase that. If Perfection created perfection and perfection pretends it is not perfect...does it mean Perfection is not perfect? No. Simply means that, for whatever reason, perfection chooses to see itself as something it is not. PARABLE OF THE LITTLE SOUL
  • yes, God's flaw was creating Man.
  • The whole assumption there is a god, is pure nonsense. Show me one substantiated fact to verify the existence of a god or gods, and I mean a real fact, not putting forward something from the bible, koran or any other religious writing done by man as proof...................there simply does not exist a single fact of any existence. Human kind invented the concept of a god or gods, quite possibly very early on in our existence, perhaps as a means to show we were better and above the animals we evolved from, or perhaps because we didn't want to believe we were alone. The whole creation of a god or gods has been the root cause of so many deaths & misery done by man to his fellow man since religion was invented, and continues unabated today in the world. Religion truly is the root of all evil in the suffering it has brought to humanity through the intolerance by one to another.
  • No. It just means the 'mirror' got distorted by sin. besides, we are made in His Image in that we, too, are 'intelligent', emotional, creative beings.
  • That is a good question, I have never been able to understand why God made man perfect yet gave him free will knowing that he had the capability (created in him by God) to be disobedient. No........ I don't think that's the way it was at all and to answer your question, we are made in God's image, so if we are flawed then God must have a flaw too.........or perhaps it's not a flaw at all. Perhaps everything is working out exactly as it was intended to.
  • I see your argument, but our perversion of free will does NOT mean that God is in any way flawed. God created us perfect, and He allowed ALL of His creation free will, even the angels, and like man, there was one main point in time where Lucifer wrought anarcy in heaven and gathered 1/3 of the angels, and then tempted eve and adam succombed to the temptation, and the sin was twofold, and double the corruption. God is the Only Constant, and we are the variables, and the joy of being with Him is that it is voluntary or not at all, and He allows us to wander off and do all sorts of prodigal things, just to realize the error of our ways eventually, or not at all. Either way, it is our choice, and only His creation has flaws, not the Creator, for not only is He sinless, but He is holy. The remaining angelic remnant, 2/3 of the original host, never sinned, and they still greatly revere and cry, "Holy, Holy, Holy" for holiness transcends mere perfection. Just for fun, the saying of Holy three times, or the thrice Holy, is called the Trisagion.
  • 'In his Image' means he gave us free will and the ability to 'create' for ourselves. If he stopped us from sinning just because he can, we wouldn't exactly have free will, now would we?
  • no, cause hes not human and hes perfect
  • What we do is our own free will.
  • You can find the answer to this question in the first 3 chapters in Genesis. God created the universe, then prepared the Earth for life, then created animal life, then as the crown of creation he created Man. Man was created different because he was given the ability to make choices. Now think about this; which would you appreciate more, someone who expresses love and friendship because they want to, or because they have to? WE are free moral agents and give and take our love and friendship as we want. So God gave Adam and Eve the chance to show their love and respect to Him their Creator by following one request; not to eat from one fruit tree in the whole garden of Edan. So when a child disobeys your request, are you flawed because of their actions? No, neither is God. If you would like more information on this and other Bible topics please login to
  • Well...obviously not. If a photo is in your image, and you are a user of Answerbag, does that mean that the photo is also a user of Answerbag?

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