• Assuming that you're just making out and not wanting to take it any further, here are my recommendations: Making out, as far as I can see, is about give and take. Don't be too aggressive, but when he gives a little push yourself a little bit more. I, personally, find this very exciting, because it's a sign that I don't have to be in control of every little movement. Secondly, Hold your body as closely as possible to his. Those my two thoughts.
  • If you are doing it right, that should do it right there.
  • Just the making out part is usually enough to turn me on.
  • Move your hands all over the place! Over his muscles, his hips, his ass... Shouldn't take too long at all!
  • Repeat his name..Again n again n again!
  • Just relax and enjoy.
  • relax and enjoy yourself !
  • You're already doing it with the making out.
  • silence outside the bedroom. loudness within. and...oh yeah. beauty plays a role somewhere in there.
  • This sexy little minx....Kylie.
  • Well it doesnt work on all girls but on a decent number i find that eyeliner makes them look 10 times sexier.
  • umm a rly good trick is to softly bite his neck and then kiss it or litely blow on it... works rly rly good!!!!! also a simple close body to body make out is vry sexy.... or even if yur sitting down sit on his lap or straddle him... but be carefull cause if yu get him to turned it mite make him mad if yu dont want to go "all the way"
  • Cup the bottom of his balls with you fingers then gentle tap rolling your fingers like you would on a desk one at a time, then with your thumb make figure 8 pattern on the place where his pen*s will be And dont forget to rub your boobs up against him Or if you are feeling really kinky then rub your crotch up and down his thigh if that dosent turn him right then and there i dont know what will ;)
  • As long as you are making out with your really *hott* BBF, you can turn on *any* guy!! If she is busy, a few Viagras will work in a pinch.
  • grab his ballz...ha ha
  • The same way a guy would turn you on. Nibble on his ear . . . run your fingers through his hair . . . run your hands from his shoulders to his hands slowly, admiring every muscle without words. ;) You could always ask him too, they'll feel really good about it because they'll know that you're into them and want to make them feel good.
  • well i'd say making out is a pretty good start. guy's don't need much encouragment! but if you need a little extra wandering hands never goes astray!
  • make horny porn sex noises like rrrrrrrr mmmmmmm
  • Pull away a little in a coy manner
  • Listen. Listen to his breathing, heart rate, utterances, body language. He will tell you what he likes, then do that more. The above are all good generic answers, but everyone is different Talk openly. If you have to ask what he likes and doesn't like.

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