• Advocate. I'm an advocate of HUMAN RIGHTS - gay, straight, bisexual, transexual, all skin colors, all genders, all ages...I don't care if you dye your skin purple with yellow polka dots. Either you are for human rights in general, or you are for human rights for select (popular) groups. Any group/country/etc will give rights to those they agree with.
  • Advocate
  • Indifferent
  • Advocate - on the same basis as AR.
  • I'm an advocate of the civil rights of all human beings, regardless of color, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Strong advocate, because I am one.
  • An advocate of all people being free to live as they choose in ways that are not harmful to other individuals or society. By denying honest people their rights as citizens, a society is preparing for the intrusion into the rights of the free society, and that is not a democratic principle, and it tends to gain momentum. This is not to say that gays should have special rights or privileges, but that they should not be denied any because of their inclinations.
  • Advocate!
  • Advocate!
  • Advocate. Heres a picture I took at a gay rights ralley.
  • Can't it be a little of all of those? I'm not gay, and so I have to be honest, I will never be passionate, and always quite emotionally indifferent, to the issue. However, intellectually I'm a staunch gay rights advocate, because I don't see what business it is of anyone what you do if it doesn't hurt another consenting adult. If you really think about it anyway, sex with the opposite sex, with all its gross bodily fluid exchanges and sweat and the like are just as disgusting as anything homosexuals do with each other - straight people just want sex enough with the opposite sex to overcome and ignore all those considerations, and gay people just want sex enough with the same sex to overcome and ignore them too. By the way, I like sex, I'm just speaking objectively. If we try to restrict the rights of gays, any one of our rights can be attacked next. I include in this gay marriages. I personally would love all so-called "right to marriage" to be attacked and eliminated, since I think to marry is to be mentally ill to some degree, but that's just me, and we live in a country where we can have such thoughts. The only reason marriage would be alright for opposite sex couples and not for same sex couples is ultimately for religious reasons, OR maybe out of concern for the kids they might try to have or adopt - despite ANY studies showing one way or the other that children don't do well raised by same sex couples. The government shouldn't legislate free choice and preference among consenting adults based only on the religious concerns of a segment of the population, or the dubious arguments regarding the effects on children, which we have no evidence to suggest exist at all. And I certainly don't normally think I'm homophobic - however I know I would be and have been freaked out if I was "hit on" by a gay guy with defective gay-dar. I think that's reasonable.
  • I am an Advocate, though perhaps not as outspoken as I should be. I've found that when I've discussed this subject with people who are opposed to my position, their opposition boils down to one of two objections: 1) A bunch of men who thought the Earth was flat and that disease was caused by demonic possession got together and wrote down that God considers homosexuality wrong. Never mind all of Jesus' teachings about universal love and tolerance. 2) What homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes is....icky to think about. My response -- Then don't think about it. It's none of your business anyway.
  • VERY MUCH an advocate... Infact, I am quite disgusted by those amongst us that are indifferent or homophobic... It is but another step on the ladder to all-encompassing, truly equal human rights. So far we've had a religious step (overcome primarily during the Enlightenment), a racial step, a gender step, and now a sexuality step... In my mind, those who are indifferent are equal to those who stood by and -let- slavery, the oppression of women, and wide-spread religious murders take place. Those who are against gay rights are -exactly- equal to racists, sexists, and religious bigots, and I have nothing but a deep contempt for them... I doubt I will ever be so 'blessed' as to understand why it's morally acceptable to ruin the lives of vast swathes of humanity just because they don't have identical sexual tendencies and attractions as you... It is Solipsism, arrogance, and down-right bigotry to the highest degree. (Gah, this topic infuriates me SO much, I hope for both of our sakes that I never meet someone actively opposed to gay rights.)
  • My friends would look at each other, and at the same time go "A!". I'm bi myself, so it would be hard to be indifferent or homophobic. I'm very much an advocate for equal rights.
  • A or B ...since I live in a predominantly gay community , it's assumed I'm at least indifferent. I don't care if you're gay or straight. I can't figure out for the life of me why gays would want the headaches and legal & financial hassles associated with marriage. Most of the big battles have already been won in CA re equal access, rights, etc....
  • Indifferent to people being gay or not - my wife and I were married by a wonderful minister who's gay, and the last "wedding" we went to was a lesbian couple who I wish would move back to KC and become the main ministers at our church. With regard to any discrimination on the basis of being gay or not, I'm against it, but I can't say that I've ever marched against it or even written a letter to the editor.
  • I guess "indifferent," but that's not really the right word. I don't treat gay people any differently, and I've been to a few gay bars, but I've never campaigned politically or anything like that.
  • Advocate. I actively treat all human beings as human beings and support equal civil rights for all human beings. We just found out at our office that the insurance carrier we have will not allow an "unmarried partner" to be covered, unless we have more than 50 employees. Does that make any sense whatsoever? What does the number of employess have to do with people being treated unequally? My assignment Monday morning - find a new insurance carrier!
  • 8-10-2017 There is no such things as "gay rights". You are talking about a perversion. All perversions threaten community stability. Right means straight up, square, correct, the strong arm, a legal privilege. The common meaning to all those things is strength. Gays lack strength, that is why they need protection under laws. And that is a violation of the right to equal protection of law.
  • It depends on to which you're referring to. I'm pretty indifferent to most people, irregardless to which group you're claiming identity in. What I find disturbing is when minorities (any race, religion, sex) want EXTRA benefits or rights than what others have or. For instance, I was watching a new program yesterday on a group called Tongue United, which says that white people aren't allowed. Thing is, I would be fine with it, as long as you could have a LGBT group where blacks wouldn't be allowed. But that would be racist. I just read an article in Huffington by a gay black guy who says that white gay guys who don't prefer to have black gay partners are racists. But, blacks and Asian gays who only date other blacks and Asians are cool. That's not racist. So blacks can have a racial preference but whites cannot? And this was written by a gay black guy. Hypocrisy.
  • None of the above. I follow the word of God and it is not His will for two of the same sex to live that way.

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