• Playing computer games in which reaction time is important - e.g. first person shooters and car racing games - is one way of increasing your reaction speed.
  • Exercise your "fast twitch" muscles (yes, there is a type of muscle tissue called this) by, for example, doing a weights workout which uses low weight and high repetition -- a typical exercise of this type is using a dumbbell well within your comfort range for weight and seeing how many times you can lift it in a one-minute timed period (without damaging yourself, obviously). Find out how many reps you can do now, and every couple of days push yourself to try to do at least one more rep per minute. Over time the amount of fast-twitch muscle increases, allowing you faster movement. Faster reaction time is also a matter of perception, and while video games *can* actually help with that, so can sports which involve attention and competition against other people, like soccer or martial arts. The more you practice, the better you get.
  • There are 2 different ways to speed up reaction time, physically and mentally and the most optimum way to do that is work on both, as a professional fighter I have deeply looked in to this before In order to physically speed up you reaction times you want to work your twitch fibers (both type 1 and type 2) this evolves fast explosive training. None of that heavy weight slowly non-sense. Try a lighter weight and do it explosive but controlled. At the same time you will need to brain exercise to get more blood flowing to certain parts of the brain and reaction exercises will also grow new neurons in the brain. These can range from doing cross-words and other certain puzzles. Some games even on a computer can help with this, for example try out a Nintendo Wi all these will speed up the transmission of neurons and help grow more in the brain. At times when you need a fast reaction of time (during sports) take caffeine, it really is good for you if you know how to use it. From first moments of taking caffeine it will take about 4 hours to peak but starts to kick in after 45 mins. on the first stage of taking this with in the first 2 hours it makes your heart beat fast which isn’t always so good as its best to have a slow heart rate in sports but after for hours that’s gone and it only really reacts with your brain at the point. And one last thing as a fighter I always word on trying to increase my peripheral vision as this helps in almost every sport and allow more time to react if you have a larger vision. it will help football players see other team player to pass the ball, fighters to see punches of the middle line better (there the ones that knock you out) Hope that answers most your questions :-D

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